Season 6 Episode 4

Twenty Questions

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1990 on ABC

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  • Some good acting performances and solid side story makes this "afterschool special" clone a campy delight.

    Perhaps no other MacGyver episode is a better example (or worse example depending on your perspective) of an afterschool special gone horribly wrong, but for all the cliches proffered in this Rick Mittleman-penned episode, it's a genuine guilty pleasure. What really seems to make it work is the charisma of Mayim Bialik, who ably pulls off the good-girl-going-down-the-wrong-path role. The intertwined relationship with her stuffy and overachieving family also adds dimensions to the teen alcoholic paradigm. Also engaging was the subplot with the REALLY bad spoiled rich kids (as opposed to the only "sorta bad" spoiled rich kid Lisa Woodman) involved in a string of burglaries that eventually leads to a homicide. The execution of this substory is at least as compelling as Lisa's battle with the bottle. The ridiculously enjoyable final scene with a drunken Lisa trapped in the SUV about to drive off a cliff (but held up by a single steel bolt on a wooden fence) was a laughably fun final act to this episode, save for the epilogue with the obligatory "confession to alcoholism" and teen helpline number. I know plenty of people who hate this episode, but I found it to in the "so bad it's good" classification, whether intentionally or not. Curiously, the 13.4 rating this episode registered was higher than any episode aired during football season in season five.