Season 1 Episode 18

Ugly Duckling

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 1986 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The computer MacGyver copies files from—as well as the table it rests on—switch between shots.

    • When Kate shuts off power to the building, she types the command in to the computer "close all circuits" when in fact it should be "open all circuits". Closing a circuit means to complete a circuit so that power flows and open means to cut a circuit so that power doesn't flow.

  • Quotes

    • MacGyver: Pete, I owe it to Professor Willis; he wanted this girl protected, and I'm gonna do it.
      Pete: Now wait--
      MacGyver: So, best of luck; I'm a phone call away if you need me - I know all of that, Pete. Thanks. (Mac leaves the room, still quoting Pete.) Stay out of trouble. Keep expenses down. Come back alive…
      Pete: Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • MacGyver: They said you had one of your students working the problem with you.
      Professor Willis: Just like we did when you were in my classes.
      MacGyver: Well, yeah, but I don't remember ever breaking into the Defense Department's computer.

    • Professor Willis: Good ones like Kate, they are rare. Then there's MacGyvers who have to have their brains rattled every now and then just to make sure they're still in tune.

    • Professor Willis: You have one of the finest minds I have ever encountered, young man… I expect you to… to (Professor Willis dies)

    • MacGyver: This was my desk, here in the corner. There's a heater back there; I'm no dummy.

    • Carol: Kate, why are you so rude to Mr. MacGyver?
      MacGyver: I think it has something to do with defense mechanisms, Mrs. Lafferty. Hers.

    • Agent: Are you a relative or something?
      MacGyver: Something.

    • MacGyver: It's not like she was selling the Pentagon to Gorbachev.
      Pete: I know, Mac, but it's not exactly like she stole an apple off a push cart, either.

    • MacGyver: Why didn't you just give them the answers?
      Kate: 'Cause. They've got no right to treat me like a criminal.

    • Kate: You're trying to break in using these passwords?
      MacGyver: Too easy?
      Kate: Not my style.
      MacGyver: What's your style?
      Kate: That's your problem. I'm sure you can solve it.

    • Kate: All they do is tease me about being an egghead.
      (Mac tries "egghead" as the password, and it doesn't work.)
      MacGyver: Kinda tough, huh.
      Kate: What do you know about it? Look, I'm not pretty. And the boys that do notice me, they run like rabbits when they find out I'm smarter than they are.
      MacGyver: So you just decided to go it alone, is that it?
      Kate: What is this, some kind of shrink session?!

    • MacGyver: Boy, you are not seeing who you really are, Kate.
      Kate: You're wrong! I know who I am and what I am - and you do too! Look!
      MacGyver: That's your password.

    • MacGyver: You are special, Kate, and it's not so bad to be special. You just have to learn to feel good about it, that's all.

    • MacGyver: One of the great things about satellite navigation is that they can pinpoint a location down to one hundred yards. Problem is, they still can't tell who's liable to be waitin' there.

    • MacGyver: Everybody makes mistakes once in a while. The trick is learning to live with it.

    • Kate: All for one--
      MacGyver: --and one for all! (He laughs) I can't believe you just said that.

    • Kate: What are we going to do?
      MacGyver: We're going to assess the problem and then come up with a solution. That's usually how it's done.

    • MacGyver: So, why don't you introduce him?
      Kate: He's shy, especially around strangers. But get him alone in the lab? Can he compute!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Professor Willis, in dying, quotes, "just not so deep as a well, but so wide as a church-door, but 'tis enough," from Romeo and Juliet, Scene 1, as Mercutio lies dying in Romeo's arms.

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