Season 4 Episode 19

Unfinished Business

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 1989 on ABC

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  • Another lame flashback episode that manages to diminish the memory of Deborah as one of MacGyver's best adversaries.

    There was admittedly more going on in "Unfinished Business" than either of MacGyver's other two weak flashback episodes, but that's hardly a ringing endorsement of this anemic and predictable story. The episode peaked very early with the scene of Mac, Pete, and Jack panning for gold. From there, we were forced to endure the concept of watching the deft and slippery hit woman Deborah from "The Negotiator" reduced to hiding in the woods and waiting in the woods to ambush Pete when he decided to go fishing. The flashback sequences also played out incoherently, with MacGyver and Jack going through all sorts of random thoughts before it dawns on them that the predator just might be Murdoc, the guy who is almost always the predator in such instances, particularly in this specific neck of the woods. From the second Deborah and Pete walk past the sign labelled "Whistler's Cliff", the ending was predictable, and the dialogue between Mac and Deborah in the climactic sequence was far from the high standard established in "The Negotiator". Pete's story about the scorpion and the tortoise in the epilogue was nothing but an awkward 90 seconds of filler in an episode that already had far too much of both awkwardness and filler. Easily one of the weakest half dozen or so MacGyver episodes of all, and definitely a poor way of ending the otherwise astounding fourth season.

    However, audiences helped make this the first MacGyver episode of the season to win its time slot. I'm sure if NBC's "ALF" and "The Hogan Family" were pre-empted that week in mid-May or if the were already in rerun cycles, but whatever the case, MacGyver ended his fourth season with more momentum than ever before and wasn't even going to be bounced around for Monday Night Baseball that summer. At least for that brief moment in time, MacGyver was riding high.