Season 7 Episode 6

Walking Dead

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 1991 on ABC

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  • If it wasn't abundantly clear to anybody at this point in MacGyver's seventh season that the series had jumped the shark, this dreadful episode had to have confirmed it for pretty much everybody.

    I didn't know what to expect when I saw the previews for this episode. It looked different and kind of fun, but certainly had the potential to be cartoonish and cheesy. It definitely ended up being cartoonish and cheesy, but it was also obscenely boring. The episode peaked with the opening scene in which Shari was kidnapped and the voodoo doll was tossed from the car to scare off witnesses. It wasn't long after that until the odious Mama Lorain showed up, and the episode went immediately down the toilet, livened up only temporarily with some impressive set designs. The length of time that it took the "zombie potion" to dehabilitate MacGyver compared to the three seconds for Shari was absurd, and the idea that Mac could punch out two muscular thugs with frozen joints further eroded any trace of credibility the episode had. It was the final scene at the voodoo cult ceremony that really proved boring, however, save for the unintentional humor of having MacGyver emerge in painted face posing (badly) as Baron Samdi but apparently convincing the baron's associates standing a few yards away from MacGyver but not recognizing the Baron had suddenly turned into a long-haired white guy. The episode was an unmitigated disaster and ranks as my second-worst MacGyver episode of all time, competing very closely with all-time worst "MacGyver's Women".