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  • Macross 7 is a sequel to the popular classic series, SDF Macross (aka Robotech, more or less). This 49 episode anime is not a continuation of the original storyline, but an independent side story revolving around a rock band, Fire Bomber, and their use o

    If you are a fan of Macross or loved the U.S. release, Robotech, then don't bother watching this anime. You will be sorely dissappointed by it's laughable plot, poor artwork and animation. In addition, every action scene is essentially just five clips used over and over again--a great way to cut costs and irritate the viewer. The plot is based on an egocentric rock musician, Basara, and his band members who battle aliens with their music. While the original Macross had some of the most ingenious and "cool" looking veritechs and robots I've ever seen in the robot anime genre, Macross 7 complements their poor animation quality with lame-looking "Fisher-Price" mecha. But wait, it gets better. Basara flies his veritech fighter with an electric guitar mounted in the cockpit. Yes, a guitar. He zooms out into space during every attack by the alien force and strums his guitar while singing the same rock song over and over again. If you aren't sick of the terrible song they've chosen to be the main theme music for Basara by the third episode, then you are more patient than Ghandi himself. The only redeeming part of this anime I've heard from others is that the musical score and songs are quite good for an anime. Aside from the main song sung in Basara's retarded "battle scenes," I'd have to agree that the other songs are not bad at all, even though I'm not a big Japanese rock music fan. If that's the case, then just go buy the OST or pick up a Fire Bomber album (which is a real group) and listen to the music. You'll save yourself about 1000 minutes of viewing disappointment. If this anime was intended for 5-year-old audiences, its weak plot, poor animation, and all around terrible qualities could be overlooked. Unfortunately, from the packed sexual innuendo, that's clearly not the case, and it makes this anime an absolute insult to the below-average man's intelligence.
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