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MBS (ended 2008)


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  • Season 1
    • Your Sound
      Your Sound
      Episode 25
      The Fleet engages in battle with the Vajra. Wilder reveals how Leon was behind the attacks. Alto survives being shot down and has the Macross Quarter fire on the Ranka hologram, revealing the Battle Galaxy to be involved too. Alto tries to wake Sheryl up as Grace joins the Vajra. A freed Ranka sings, disrupting the Vajra fleet. After a fiece battle, the Vajra Queen departs for parts unknown, allowing the Macross Fleet to colonize the planet as their new home.moreless
    • Your Sound
    • Last Frontier
    • Last Frontier
      Last Frontier
      Episode 24
      The Macross Quarter investigates the destruction of the research fleet by the Vajra. Meanwhile, the Frontier prepares to defend the fleet from Vajra attack. The fleet eventually manages to destroy a large area of the Vajra homeworld. Grace makes Ranka's singing strengthen the Vajra as Alto is shot down over the planet…moreless
    • True Begin
      True Begin
      Episode 23
      Food, and even oxygen, is rationed in the fleet. Alto learns more about the Vajra and Ranka's singing. Ranka and Brera find the Vajra homeworld but are captured by Ai-kun. Grace takes over Brera using an override in his cyborg components. The fleet finds Ranka thanks to her singing, but President Leon orders the Vajra destroyed.moreless
    • Northern Cross
      Northern Cross
      Episode 22
      Alto and Luca begin to hate the Vajra. Sheryl learns that her illness means she can sing like Ranka, but it is now terminal. Ozma and Cathy tell Captain Wilder of Leon's coup, causing the Macross Quarter to leave the fleet to look for Ranka, who has since found what could be the homeworld of the Vajra species…moreless
    • Blue Ether
      Blue Ether
      Episode 21
      Leon's coup spreads to involve the entire population of the Frontier. Ranka, refusing to use her singing power for Leon, tells Alto that she loves him before leaving the colony with Brera and Ai-kun. Their mission; find the Vajra.
    • Diamond Crevasse
      Diamond Crevasse
      Episode 20
      After her concert, Ranka tries to confess her feelings to Alto, but finds Sheryl in his arms. The Vajra attack, quickly creating a war zone. Leon uses the crisis to stage a coup, assassinating Howard Glass as the Vajra advance.
    • Triangler
      Episode 19
      After the fold jump, Ranka's pet Ai-kun runs away. She and Brera search for it, but she begins to doubt her singing abilities. Alto visits Sheryl, bur leaves for Ranka's concert. Ozma and Cathy confront Leon as Luca recognizes Ai-kun as a Vajra…
    • Fold Fame
      Fold Fame
      Episode 18
      The people of the Frontier Fleet find it hard to cope with the increasing Vajra attacks. Energy has become limited, and water and food is rationed.
    • Goodbye, Sister
      Goodbye, Sister
      Episode 17
      Ozma promises to go to Ranka's first concert, but he is called upon to defend the fleet from a Vajra attack. Brera reveals vital information on the Vajra; they learn from every attack so each attack can only be used once. Only Ranka can stop them now…
    • Ranka Attack
      Ranka Attack
      Episode 16
      Elmo is replaced as Ranka's manager by Grace. After seeing Grace and Ranka on TV, Sheryl leaves hospital to find Alto. She finds herself on the Quarter during tests of Ranka's singing voice against the Vajra.
    • Lost Peace
      Lost Peace
      Episode 15
      Recovering in hospital, Sheryl has all her assignments cancelled until she is better. Alto and Ranka visit her, but the conversation soon turns to who should be with Alto.
    • Mother's Lullaby
      Mother's Lullaby
      Episode 14
      A battle between the Frontier Fleet and the Vajra seems imminent as Alto plans to rescue Ranka. However, he is prevented from doing so by Brera, actually a Macross Army major, who takes the credit for her rescue.
    • Twilight Planet
      Twilight Planet
      Episode 13
      Alto and Ranka make an emergency landing on Galia 4 due to a malfunction on their variable fighter. The mystery surrounding Ranka deepens.
    • Fastest Delivery
      Fastest Delivery
      Episode 12
      Sheryl gives a consolation concert on planet Galia 4, but because of an illness, she is unable to perform and cancels at the last minute, causing a huge riot by her fans.
    • Missing Birthday
      Missing Birthday
      Episode 11
      Alto's birthday is approaching and Ranka prepares a special gift for him. Meanwhile, Sheryl has her own ideas about his birthday, forcing Alto to chose between the two.
    • Legend of Zero
      Legend of Zero
      Episode 10
      Ranka Lee is contracted for a minor role in a movie about the legend of Shin Kudo, while Sheryl Nome is cast as the main protagonist of the film.
    • Friendly Fire
      Friendly Fire
      Episode 9
      Michael Blanc is given some distressing news by Sheryl's manager, Grace O'Connor, about his sister. The information troubles Michael and, during a fight with the Vajra, he almost shoots down Alto's Valkyrie, causing tension between the two.
    • High School Queen
      Ranka transfers to Alto's Mihoshi Academy, so as to be able to pursue a career in entertainment. A visit by Sheryl to Ranka's new school causes chaos in the academy.
    • First Attack
      First Attack
      Episode 7
      It's the day of Sheryl Nome's last live concert in the Macross Frontier fleet. The SMS crew rescues the surviving ships from the Macross Galaxy fleet after an attack by a large group of Vajra.
    • Bye Bye Sheryl
      Bye Bye Sheryl
      Episode 6
      The news that the Vajra has attacked the Macross Galaxy fleet prompts President Howard Glass to make the Vajra's existence public. Meanwhile, Ranka Lee is scouted by a music producer.
    • Star Date
      Star Date
      Episode 5
      To find her missing earrings, Sheryl recruits Alto as her guide around the Macross Frontier fleet. Meanwhile, Ozma and Ranka argue over her decision to become a singer.
    • Miss Macross
      Miss Macross
      Episode 4
      Alto is accepted as a pilot in the SMS and undergoes his training supervised his rival, Mikhail Brown. Meanwhile, Ranka gains a place in the Miss Macross singing contest judged by Sheryl Nome.
    • On Your Marks
      On Your Marks
      Episode 3
      The remaining Vajra from the earlier attack emerges from hiding and appears in the skies where Alto, Ranka and Sheryl have unexpectedly met. Together, they must all try to escape.
    • Hard Chase
      Hard Chase
      Episode 2
      In order to save his and Ranka Lee's life, Saotome Alto takes control of a VF-25 and flees with Ranka to escape the trio of Vajra pursuing them.
    • Close Encounter
      Close Encounter
      Episode 1
      A visit by music idol Sheryl Nome to the Macross Frontier fleet for a performance concert is interrupted when the fleet is attacked by an unknown enemy. The normal broadcast for Macross Frontier is noticeably different from the special broadcast that aired earlier.
    • Close Encounter (Deculture Edition)
      A visit by music idol Sheryl Nome to the Macross Frontier fleet for a performance concert is interrupted when the fleet is attacked by an unknown enemy.
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