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MBS (ended 2008)


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  • A let down.

    I've like or loved everything Macross/Robotech. I grew up in the early mid 80s watching the Robotech series. I've seen all the Macross series from the original to Macross II, Macross Plus and Macross 7. So I had pretty high expectations going in. On some parts my expectations were met, but on others they weren't.

    The story was very good. Taking place after the war with the Zentradi who they now coexist with. The plot started off really good with the appearance of a mysterious race called the Vajra. Sadly though the story/plot slowly goes down hill from there. The problem could be there weren't really interesting characters, but I'll get that in a moment. The climax story was a total mess and didn't make any sense. The Vajra turned out to be almost pointless to the story. The ending was just a plan let down.

    The characters were the worst part of the series. You or at least for me won't care for almost any of the characters. Alto was decent, but he came off as boring, he just had no back story or charisma. Ranka for some reason just got on my nerves. She wasn't much of a lead character. There were only a few I liked. Sheryl who was great character with a real story shouldn't have wasted her time on Alto. Also Michael who seemed to be the only real man in this anime. He had a great ending which I loved.

    The animation by Satelight was brilliant. One of the best things about the anime. The way the animated everything from the characters to the battles were great.

    The music as usual for a Robotech/Macross series was amazing. I even downloaded the soundtrack.

    Sadly this series just didn't live up to my expectations. Was it still a good series.. yes just not on the level of Robotech, Macross, Macross Plus or Macross II.
  • GREAT FIGHT SCENES!SKULL SQUADRON LIVES ON!. true to the macross legacy the fight scenes are still the best and the story does not go away from the main theme. the songs are also a great addition to the series as always and the VF unit keeps on improving.

    the macross series has always been a favorite of mine the story, the fight scenes to the always lovable songs in each of the series. true to the macross legacy i think that macross frontier is a good edition to the macross universe.

    one of the best things to the new series is its fight scenes the animation is great the VF-units look a whole lot better.and also another thing that i love about them is that the Valkyrie units are neither invincible nor are they weak the units depends solely on the skill of the pilot.

    story wise the theme is still the same as the other macross series,its a story about a space fleet who left earth hoping to find a new place to live on. the series has two songstress which are sheryl nome and ranka and a pilot named Alto saotome.

    OVERALL i give the anime a good 10/10