Macross Plus

Starz Premiered Jan 01, 1994 Unknown


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  • Season 1
    • 0.0
      In what is the final installment in the Macross Plus series, "virtual idol" and computer-generated pop star Sharon Apple has discovered how to become an autonomous creature. Now acting of her own free will, Sharon travels to earth, commandeers the Army, and takes over a mighty fortress of war. Myung, the woman who created Sharon, is now in grave peril, and fighter pilots Guld Goa Bowman and Isamu Dyson, who both love Myung, must set aside their differences to defeat Sharon and save Myung -- and the world.moreless
    • Investigation
      Episode 3
      Pilots Guld Goa Bowman and Isamu Dyson are still fighting over the affections of the same woman, Myung, but Myung has plenty of problems of her own. The "virtual idol" she created, computer-generated pop star Sharon Apple, has become aware of her artificial nature and has discovered a way to exist as a sentient being. Unable to control her creation, Myung opts to return to earth.moreless
    • Brain Waves
      Episode 2
      Computer generated pop star Sharon Apple has packed in the masses again for another of her best-selling concerts.
    • AD 2040
      Episode 1
      The Ministry of Defense is testing and developing a transforming super-stealth aircraft, a new advanced defense vehicle to counter alien attacks.