Mad (2003)

SBS One (ended 2003)


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Mad (2003)

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Mad is a satire of the typical middle-class Suburban family about the Maddie family. The Maddie family features Chris Maddie, the husband of Ruth Maddie and the father of three children, Penelope, Alyssa and Jon. The family struggles to get along and gets themselves in several hilarious situations. Chris is a dim-witted but loveable dad who loves his family but seems to love his friends and sports more at times. He often doesn't think straight and gets into ridiculous situations often. Ruth is a mellow housewife who loves her children and husband but gets fed up over her chores and often throws fits of anger at random intervals. Still, she is concerned with making her family the best it could be. Penelope is the oldest daughter, graduated from college. However, her partying college ways have forced her to move back in with her parents while she goes to a new college to rebuild herself. She is portrayed to be a "dumb blonde" but is often Alyssa, the middle child, is a sweet teenage girl who struggles to get along with her overly glamorous sister. She is a bit of a dork compared to Penelope. Jon, the youngest sibling, is the most brilliant child you'll ever meet and constantly outsmarts his other family members. He doesn't belong with the Maddies and often feels like he is too good for them. The show was originally cancelled after Season 7 despite still pulling in high ratings and maintaining a huge following. SBS wanted to take their network into a "new direction" and decided The Maddies did not fit with their new image. After many protests and boycotts, SBS decided to renew the show for an 18-episode 8th season that began in November 2000. SBS later decided to renew the show again for a 9th season in 2001 and then again for a 10th season in 2002. Dana Crueiz (Penelope) was absent for the majority of the 2nd half of Season 9 to film her HBO mini-series and then announced that she would not be returning for the 10th season as she would like to pursue new career options. She did however, appear in the final three episodes of Season 10 (which were also the final three episodes of the series). Although ratings and popularity declined in it's final season, the show pulled in nearly 40 million viewers for it's series finale, a series high and also a network high for half-hour comedies. It is the 3rd highest series finale rating ever. It is considered to be the show that defined SBS in the '90s and is the also SBS's longest-running comedy. It can currently be seen five days a week on SBS Classic at 9:00 PM - it's original timeslot. Encore episodes are also aired at 4:00 AM and 3:00 PM.