Mad About You

Season 4 Episode 11

Get Back

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 1996 on NBC



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    • Maggie: (in the corridor outside) Young man!
      Nat: (closing the door to 11-D behind him) Yes. Hey, Ma'am! How're you doing?
      Maggie: Fine... there's a package in there for me, a cheesecake from England. Would you mind going in there and getting it for me?
      Nat: (hesitant) Oh boy... ma'am, I'm real sorry, but I consider that to be just outside the parameters of what I understand to be my dooties, at least, as I understand 'em at the present time.
      Maggie: But you have the key!
      Nat: Yes, I do have this key, but I consider it to be a sacred trust, the Buchmans were kind enough to bestow this upon me, and to violate that just for the purpose of retrieving a dessert item, hmm... Boy! I don't know.
      Maggie: (considers him a while) Is English your first language?
      Nat: Yes ma'am, my first, and God willing, my last.

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