Mad About You

Season 1 Episode 22

Happy Anniversary

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 22, 1993 on NBC

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  • Funny episode, as ususal, with nice continuity for this first season-ender.

    Jamie frets about inviting their feuding friends, Mark & and Fran, to their first anniversary party. But Paul thinks he and Jamie could be said to be "the perfect couple". And for Jamie, therein lies the problem, 'cause 'perfect' doesn't exist and always seems to end in divorce! Of course, her obsession with their future failure threatens to completely ruin her (and anyone else's) enjoyment of the upcoming party. So she wants an iron-clad guarantee. (so do I.) The party happens, Fran & Mark split so Mark can live free like "The Easy Rider" (hee!) after Fran confesses to having a fling with a painter in the Buchanan's apartment. Jamie & Paul shy away from the madding crowd and have sex on the kitchen table. Again. Ahh, some couples got it, some couples ain't.

    Funniest scenes: Murray and Warren in a 2-way stare down. I think Murray wins. Then at the party, it's a 3-way stare down with Murray, Warren & Doris. It might have been a draw. Trust me, it's much funnier than it reads.
    Great episode; a nice end to the season.
  • Steven Wright steals the show

    Steven Wrights character Warren was probably one of my favourite guest stars in the series and in this episode he was amazing Just the way he was staring out Murray and then with Connie doin the same thing (don't look at anyone else) It was a sweet episode with a nice throwback to the pilot with the sex on the kitchen table

    all in all pretty funny stuff