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Mad About You

Season 3 Episode 12

How to Fall in Love

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1995 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Paul's ideas on how to meet and engage the opposite sex are tested by Jamie in a hypothetical encounter, while Ira has a very real encounter with Jamie's friend.

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    Eric Lutes

    Eric Lutes


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    Lisa Kudrow

    Lisa Kudrow

    Ursula Buffay

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    Anne Bobby

    Anne Bobby

    Susannah Gould

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    Judy Geeson

    Judy Geeson

    Maggie Conway

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      • Paul (about why men enjoy lesbian scenes): Because it's naked and fun and I agree with both of them.

      • Jamie: What's she like?
        Paul: My wife? Kinda like you actually, your height, your hair, your eyes too...
        Jamie: Sounds perfect.
        Paul: Actually, no! No, not so much perfect. She never puts the ATM stuff into the check-book, so we're always, like $60 off...
        Jamie: Okay, I'm sorry...
        Paul: Don't DEFEND her! (pause) She sneaks cigarettes behind my back, like I don't have a nose, and she doesn't tell me the Film Lab called last night, so I've got to go down in the middle of my lunch hour. Then she.. I could go on and on and on...
        Jamie: Why don't you *say* something?
        Paul: Why make trouble?

      • Ira: It's a psychic line!
        Susannah: Yeah, so?
        Ira: So you're a psychic now?
        Susannah: Hmm.. you've just got to talk.
        Ira: Which clearly you can do. (pause) So what did you talk about?"
        Susannah: Well, most I just listened and gave 'em a little push.
        Ira: How'd you know where to push?
        Susannah: You listen hard enough, you can hear what someone wants.
        Ira: Yeah?
        Susannah: Yeah.
        Ira: So what do I want?
        Susannah: Something here.
        Ira: Something where?
        Susannah: Here. This place.
        Ira: What, like the credenza?
        Susannah: No, not something you can put in your pocket or put in a U-Haul. No, something they got here that you wish you had. That's why you've been acting like this. They mean something to you, I think. (pause) Either that or you're just a putz.

      • Susannah: (rushing in) You are not gonna believe this. I mean, only to me, right? I'm on the subway, and I meet this guy, and he says, 'What do you do?' And I say, 'I got a band.' And he says, 'You got a band, I got a club.' I say, 'Get your hand out of my pocket.' Anyway, he hands me his card, and he's got this really sweet smile, so I call up the band, and I say, 'Meet me.' And they meet me, only Derek can't get off work. So we go up to the club. Club, my ass, it's a roof. I say, 'It's a roof.' He says, 'It's gonna be a club.' I say, 'I got a closet, it's gonna be a Baskin Robbins.' I mean, *why* do these things happen to me?
        Ira: *Who* are you?

      • Paul: Did you know I was born without a head?

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