Mad About You

Season 3 Episode 12

How to Fall in Love

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 19, 1995 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Ira: It's a psychic line!
      Susannah: Yeah, so?
      Ira: So you're a psychic now?
      Susannah: Hmm.. you've just got to talk.
      Ira: Which clearly you can do. (pause) So what did you talk about?"
      Susannah: Well, most I just listened and gave 'em a little push.
      Ira: How'd you know where to push?
      Susannah: You listen hard enough, you can hear what someone wants.
      Ira: Yeah?
      Susannah: Yeah.
      Ira: So what do I want?
      Susannah: Something here.
      Ira: Something where?
      Susannah: Here. This place.
      Ira: What, like the credenza?
      Susannah: No, not something you can put in your pocket or put in a U-Haul. No, something they got here that you wish you had. That's why you've been acting like this. They mean something to you, I think. (pause) Either that or you're just a putz.