Mad About You

Season 1 Episode 6

I'm Just So Happy for You

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 28, 1992 on NBC



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    • Jamie: You're being incredibly self-involved.
      Paul: If I'm so self-involved, how come I'm making you a cup of tea?
      Jamie: I don't want a cup of tea.
      Paul: Maybe I do. Must everything revolve around you?

    • Vacky: (in the film) Lou Gehrig's wife came to every game. He was the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.
      Paul: Nah! Second luckiest.

    • Jamie: When I was single, I got to be happy whenever I was happy. I guess now I get to be happy only during that subset of times when you're happy too.

    • Selby: We should really go out and celebrate tomorrow.
      Lisa: How about lunch?
      Jamie: The Russian Tea Room?
      Selby: I don't want to have tea for lunch.
      Lisa: They have food, Selby. Ya, it's a big fancy restaurant.
      Selby: Gotta wear a tie?
      Jamie: They'll give you one.
      Selby: Cool!

    • Selby: There's a gynecologist limboing in your livingroom.
      Jamie: We're celebrating. I got the big account I was working on.
      Selby: COMPUTRON? (Jamie gives Paul a look) All right! (to Paul) How come you didn't tell me about this? (to Jamie) How big a bonus are we talking about here?

    • Mark: She's a moghul! .. This is so fantastic, I mean the thing is, that Fran spent 3 years trying to land that account, 3 years and NOTHING! And then BOOM! Jamie walks us in and BINGO! And the ironic thing is, Jamie used to be Fran's assistant and then... (pauses, looks at Fran)
      Fran: Schnookie! Get me a drink!
      Mark: (deflated) What do you feel like?
      Fran: Anything! Just GO!

    • Paul: So you know everything that your wife does at work, right?
      Ike: I know enough to fake it! You don't even know that much!

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