Mad About You

Season 1 Episode 16

Love Among the Tiles

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 13, 1993 on NBC

Episode Recap

The rather plotless episode begins with Paul and Jamie preparing for Mark and Fran's Valentine's party. They are in the bathroom, Paul in the shower and Jamie primping. As Paul goes to leave the room, the knob falls off, and the Buchmans are trapped.

Early attempts to get out fail. He cannot jimmy the knob, and they cannot break down the door - even when Paul runs in circles to get a head of steam. They try making excessive noise - for if the noise had come from a stereo, the neighbors would be complaining.

And Fran doesn't investigate, for it's not the first time that Jamie had stood her up. This time, it's Jamie's turn to call - and she can't. Attempts to escape turn to the surreal, as Paul instructs Murray to go get help. Murray uses the opportunity to jump on the bed.

The strategy turns to occupying time as they are trapped. They find 11 Tums, and strategize how they are going to allocate them, and who should be entitled the extra Tum. They play a few parlor games, which don't kill enough time. They make love, though rather uneventfully.

When Jamie has to go to the bathroom, she insists that Paul "leave the room." She always hated that Paul would go while she was watching. Basically leaving entails Paul going into the shower, and singing, so he could neither see her nor hear her.

The Devanow party involves discussions of the Buchmans' absence, fixing Lisa up, and Ryan dressed as cupid, playing matchmaker. The episode never really explains how the Buchmans got out of the bathroom.
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