Mad About You

Season 2 Episode 7

Natural History

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 1993 on NBC



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    • Paul: I'm like a tuna melt. Feel how hot.

    • Paul: She already said she was busy.
      Ira: When?
      Paul: In front of the pterodactyls and then again she said she was busy in front of the paleozoic mollusks.
      Ira: So what?
      Paul: So, must you be humiliated era by era?

    • Fran: You guys are lucky to have each other.
      Jamie: No, we are not. It's more than luck.. Sometimes when two people meet, it is more than that.
      Fran: You're probably right.
      Jamie: Only he doesn't think so! (leaves the room)
      Lisa: Because he's a jerk.
      Fran: Sometimes you're just on different wavelengths.
      Lisa: You know Fran, you're always defending Paul, but you don't have to live with him like we do.

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  • Allusions

    • The Flintstones
      After getting his head caught in a dinosaur head, Paul calls out for Jamie, calling her "Wilma."

    • Barney the Dinosaur
      Paul tells the tour group to gather around "Barney" for a group picture.