Mad About You

Season 4 Episode 1

New Sleep-Walking PLUS

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1995 on NBC



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    • Paul: (moving from kitchen to livingroom to bedroom) Okay, so, anyway, so I tell her this is not the kind of thing I was hoping to do right now. She starts telling me about state-of-the-art editing facilities, and bah-bah-bah, then she starts talking about the money, which is like, no-kidding-around, real money. Plus they've got medical plans and there's like a pension plan, then there's a plan with a 'K' where they put money away for you-- you've got to explain this one to me! So I mean, I don't want to work for anybody-- but I was thinking it's not really selling out because it's what I do and it's, I don't know..
      Jamie: (tagging along, motioning toward the bathroom) Go do what you have to do.
      Paul: (moving on to the bathroom) Oh ya, and I was thinking the people are really nice but, I thought, do I really want to have meetings with guys named Chuck and.. (pause, returning from the bathroom with the object of his inquiry) Hey! What is this?

  • Notes

    • Beginning with this episode, Mad About You moves into a new timeslot - sundays at 08:00 p.m.

    • In the end of season 3 a special clip-show was produced but was not shown until after the second episode of season 4.

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