Mad About You

Season 4 Episode 9

New Year's Eve

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 17, 1995 on NBC



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    • Nat: Hey, there!
      Jamie: Hey, Nat.
      Nat: (taking in Jamie's dress) Wow, wow! Are you coifed and garbed in an attractive fashion!
      Jamie: Thank you very much!
      Paul: How're you doing there, Nat?
      Nat: Hey there, sir! No disrespect, Mr. Buchman, but holy cats! She's going to stop traffic in that outfit!
      Jamie and Paul: together) Traffic.. is what you stop.
      Nat: (greeting Murray) There he is! Hey there, sir!
      Jamie: So Nat, what do you have planned for tonight?
      Nat: Well Mrs. Buchman, and once again -- wow! Ah, I choose to treat this day as I would any other day. Say a Wednesday, or a Monday...
      Paul: Or a Tuesday...
      Nat: Sure, Tuesday, sure. I just never place much emphasis on New Year's Eve.

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