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  • About the series

    It has great acting for Helen Hunt in seasons 4-7, Carol Burnett in season 5 and Mel brooks in season 5.
  • Great show about a young couple living in NY.

    It feels so strange to review a show almost ten years after its end, but the other day I was remembering how much fun my family and I had watching this amazing show - and I'm not a nostalgic person.

    "Mad About You" was a tv show about a young couple living in New York City and their crazy family and friends. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt star as Paul and Helen Buchman. They had a lot of funny situations happening in their lives, such so real, that happened with my family too. Lisa Kudrow, before becoming best known as Phoebe from "Friends", played Ursula, the crazy waitress from the restaurant where Paul and Jaime had lunch. As soon as "Friends" became a popular show, Ursula was turned into Phoebe's evil twin. There were crossovers between both shows too.

    It was a great tv show. I can't find any other show like this.
  • One of my favorite sitcoms of all time!!!!!!!

    There is a reason I try to stay up late every night to watch this one show and it is that the show is hilarious!!! Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are as funny as ever!!! Their on-screen chemistry is incredible!!! This is just one of those shows that takes every day events and makes fun off them. The conversations between the cast are hilarious to listen to!!! and the show never got stale like many other shows on television. It knew right when to go off the air!!! This show isn't just a comedy it also has its dramatic episodes that show the struggles of married life.
  • A great show to end the 90's.

    I didn't catch this show until it's 5th season and i automatically loved it. Then when it went of the airand i seen the 1st 4 seasons it was really good. The show relates to so many couples who are just in love and wanna be together. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt had that chemistry there that made the show so good. Then you add their crazy family and funny friends you got yourself a over the top tv show.
  • I watch this show as much as I can.

    I try to watch this show everytime its on. I like the apartment they live in its really nice. They always has regular fights like all married couples which is funny. I like all the trouble they get into even though they were tring to do the right thing. This show is great.
  • A show I grew to appreciate.

    When the show first came on television I was too young to get it. However I think around the 3rd or 4th season I was able to catch on,

    Mad about you follows the life of Jamie and Paul, a married couple living in NYC.

    We start off with them as Newlyweds and later they have a daughter Mabel, who in the finale was played by Janeane Garofalo.

    The comedy in this show is great(just the everyday funny things of life), and the actors are terrific.

    Great show, I hope it stays in re runs forever :)
  • My wake up

    Every morning I wait for this show to come on and after it's over I get ready. If it weren't for this show I don't know if I'd ever get up (because to be honest school isn't much of an incentive to get up! lol). I love it, I wish they showed it more often.
  • Tell me why, I love you like I do...

    This was such a cute little show that combined family, love, comedy...all the ingredients that are missing from shows nowadays. The icing on the cake: Paul Reiser who is a comedy GENIUS... the beautiful and talented Helen Hunt who is one of the few people actually born to be an ACTOR and you\'ve got 7 of the greatest seasons ever to grace my tv. Kudos to the MAY team!
  • a warm and cuddly show.

    MAd about you is a fun and loving comedy. its about two people that meet i think near a newpaper shop. then somehow paul leaves his coat at jamies. they meet again and then from there sparks fly. i dont like the final two seasons of mad about you. seasons 1-5 are just so darn great.
  • So totally awesome!

    My parents watched this show when it originally aired, but seeing as I was seven when it ended, I didn't. I occasionally saw it in repeats, but I just discovered how funny Mad About You really is. Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser and so cute together!

    This has got to be one of the funniest sitcoms in history. And I know people saw it jumped the shark with Mabel's birth, but I still thought it was hilarious, though maybe not quite as much as before.

    Paul and Jamie are the best and I don't think there should be any dispute over that. Anyone who's seen the show should agree with me. I love it!! Even the soundtrack!
  • I have always loved this show, not that I would ever admit to watching it face to face.

    Helen Hunt was always so cute in this show. Her and Paul's chemistry was always great. I laughed, cried, and screamed right along with the characters. I almost felt heart sick during the final episode, but as things ended as it should. Bought her pie, took her home, and he never left...

  • My Favorite Show

    During this show's full seven years on the air, it was my absolute favorite show in the whole world! I am crazy about Helen Hunt! So far, this is my second post since I first joined this community. I am still getting the hang of the rules and regulations. Please bare with me!
  • Newly weds in the Big Apple and how they cope with married life. This show in a nutshell, it also helps to have a lot of comedy!

    This show brings memories back since I used to watch it nightly after school. These two characters are hilarious together! Jamie and Paul may not have the perfect marriage but they bring a lot of the myths to the surface about married life. This show gives everyone a glimpse into the world of marriage and shows that it isn’t all wonderful, it can be hard and even saddening but they show us that together they can overcome anything. Such as not enough “play time” all the way to buying the first couch together, sorry love seat, no couch, whatever. I recommend this just for the comedy portion of the show it is a laugh from start to finish every time. Enjoy!
  • Oh I just got into this show thanks to nick at nite.

    This show is so funny. The charcters on there are kewl. And the actors who play them are aces. and helen hunt is an awsome actor.

    They have the best set. An apartmetnt. Finally a family that seems normal. And funny how there always talking about how they dont like there moms.
  • I remember watching this show a long time ago. I like it

    Okay when I was 6 years old. I wasn't into reality shows like I am now. I was into cartoons like Winny the Pooh, The Busy World of Richard Scary and of course Sesame Street. And you guessed it. This was my first reality show I watched in my entire life. At first I didn't like it. Now I enjoy it. With this I understand how shows can also be made in real life. Now I enjoy today's shows like Seinfield, Friends, The O.C, Smallville and others.
  • Though maybe not a standout comedy of the 90's, it will most certainly become a classic.

    Never before Mad About You had a comedy about newlyweds been so absurdly realistic to generate humor. Though it may not always induce uncontrollable laughter, Mad About You sure did know how to make you smile and appreciate the ones you're with. The main characters (Paul and Jamie) seem to be the only grounded members of the cast what with their annoying friends Fran and her husband, the couple's meddling parents and their insane rediculous siblings. But despite their quirks, Paul and Jamie really are insane...about each other. I suppose why I feel so attached to this show really hinges on their relationship and the chemistry of the actors who portray the couple. Mad About You really is a romantic comedy for the ages. And who can beat Helen Hunt?? The first actor to ever win an acting Emmy and Oscar in the same year!! Pretty amazing if you ask me. I'm pretty "mad about" Mad About You.
  • Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt play two married neurotic romantics in love with each other surrounded by eccentrics in New York City....

    I kind of liked this show when it first ran even though I didn't watch it religously, but the reruns have a wonderful nostalgic charm to each other. Cute, funny and adorable Helen Hunt plays so well off the sarcasm that is Paul Reiser, fresh off a short-lived hit series called "My Two Dads." It's Helen's first TV series and certainly her best accomplishment. She was the ingrediant that made the show work; Reiser would not have made it without her, and the stream of strange characters around them in the form of their friends, relatives and co-workers certainly heightened the charm of the show. I love recognizing the stars of today appearing in minor roles. Of the whole series, my favorite episode is the one where an old boyfriend turns out a comic book with Helen Hunt as the evil galactic empress and the notoriety gives her unwanted attention. Creative, intelligent humor. You just don't find it anymore.
  • I never knew until it was too late

    I never watched mad about you until the show was in it's final season. Reruns used to come on the WB and that hooked me! It's my guilty pleasure because I am black and have been laughed at for watching it, but good TV is Good TV no matter what color you are! that's what I say!
  • Good show

    Fell for it from the beging.
  • The premise is boring, but they make it work

    A couple living in a New York apartment, dealing with marital and relationship issues. I like this show because the Helen and Paul are very natural-and I believe that the situations that they experience are true to a lot of newlyweds, and not so newlyweds. Paul's Mother, Sylvia, on the show was wonderfully obstinate and cold towards her new daughter-in-law, which was also funny (and very real). Also, Carol Burnett was casted as Jamie (Helen's) mother, and the interaction between she and her onscreen daughter and Sylvia was really classic TV. The best shows, in my opinion, are the ones with a simple premise, and this show definitely falls into that category.
  • very good show in the beginning

    i love this show. mad about you is one of the most originally comedy shows ever. the beginning sketches were always absolutely hilarious. i loved them so much. i think the best season was about the third one. the fith season suddenly brang a break with half very good shows and half very bad shows.
  • This series is about a married couple who have been in love for 5 months, this shows tell us all about the daily troubles they have to go through so that they can live a happy marriage.

    Mad about You is something that you would watch if you wanted some laughs. This is because the people in the show all have their own styles of living. The series tells us the hustle and bustle of a couple that has got married. Paul and Jamie are happily married and the series consists of them trying to get the other person to do things, like go make the coffee. This is done with slap stick humor and complex yea.. well lets say this show is a must see if you havent seen it and I thought was a good watch.
  • A young urban couple whine, argue, get to know each other and deal with the rest of their families and the world as a neurotic and genuinely 'in love' team.

    I miss this show. The characters were so real, even when they were clearly out of their minds. No one in real life could behave the way Lisa or even Ursula the waitress did, and yet they were accepted and well-loved characters. They veered off into too-serious territory near the end, but I remain a fan.

    My favorite thing about the program was that it was so quotable. My whole family repeats random snippets without even really remembering where they came from: "This is new," "The vastness of my wrongness was staggering," "Okay, Tarragon Boy," "...never gonna happen, my friend,"...not so much," and "Dave the butcher," not to mention learning words such as dysphoric and obsequious, and never being able to hear the soundtrack to Pirates of Penzance the same way again. ;)
  • It is cool.

    It is an enjoyable show. I like it. I like the fact that I now that it is on a channel I know! My favorite episode is when it is Valentine's Day, and they get locked in there bathroom. This episode was funny, and it was the first episode I have ever seen. It is an impressing show. I will continue to watch it. This show gets a spot on my favorite shows list and with a score of 7.7, good for a show (In my opinion) This show is almost reality, to me, because the things that happen to them, like when they lost there dog, are just like the things that happen to me.
  • Very enjoyable

    I thought Mad About You was a thoroughly enjoyable show centering around the newlywed relationship of Paul and Jamie Buchman. Helen Hunt was outstanding here and Paul Reiser was much less annoying than he was on My Two Dads so we will call that a good thing. They show greatly benefitted as the lead-in to NBC's Holy Trinity of must see TV blockbusters on Thursday night -- Mad About You followed by Friends and then Seinfeld. A whole group of my friends used to get together and watch this great 1 1/2 hour TV block.

    Then came Mabel and the show jumped the shark in my opinion. She was cute sure but it just wasn't what the show was about and I lost interest toward the end. I am seriously thinking of giving it a second chance and checking it out on DVD.
  • On second thoughts...

    I remember liking this when it was shown the first time round. I didn't start watching from the beginning so when I had the chance to catch up with daytime repeats I watched the whole lot over a few months. I found myself becoming more and more irritated with Jamie's self-centredness and wondered how Paul put up with her frequent lack of perspective. The humour was good and I always like Paul's lines, but it wasn't enough to overcome my aversion to Jamie's character. Maybe watching it every day was just a little bit too much.
  • On Third Thoughts...

    Not_Amanda said many things in the review that I agree with.. The only thing that is different for me is that I find Paul more annoying than Jamie. I also feel the same way about Paul's friend or whatever. They are both very creepy. And I also hate New York... and it gets annoying when a show is set in New York. I am still trying to watch this show whenever I can.. and at first I was wondering why did anybody create a show like this... It sounded boring.. Then I watched the first few episodes, and it was even worse than I thought... But there are many funny things that are said and done in some of the other episodes.. and It is very funny that the dog acts like a person.. Kinda like how Scooby Doo does and Snoopy does, only that is this is live action.. and I also like how Jamie's friends are just as funny as Jamie is... and I also saw that Cheryl Gates McFadden was there as Allison... That was also funny.... I still want to see this show more, but that may not happen until N@N becomes a 24 hour network....