Mad About You

NBC (ended 1999)





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  • Though maybe not a standout comedy of the 90's, it will most certainly become a classic.

    Never before Mad About You had a comedy about newlyweds been so absurdly realistic to generate humor. Though it may not always induce uncontrollable laughter, Mad About You sure did know how to make you smile and appreciate the ones you're with. The main characters (Paul and Jamie) seem to be the only grounded members of the cast what with their annoying friends Fran and her husband, the couple's meddling parents and their insane rediculous siblings. But despite their quirks, Paul and Jamie really are insane...about each other. I suppose why I feel so attached to this show really hinges on their relationship and the chemistry of the actors who portray the couple. Mad About You really is a romantic comedy for the ages. And who can beat Helen Hunt?? The first actor to ever win an acting Emmy and Oscar in the same year!! Pretty amazing if you ask me. I'm pretty "mad about" Mad About You.