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NBC (ended 1999)





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  • On Third Thoughts...

    Not_Amanda said many things in the review that I agree with.. The only thing that is different for me is that I find Paul more annoying than Jamie. I also feel the same way about Paul's friend or whatever. They are both very creepy. And I also hate New York... and it gets annoying when a show is set in New York. I am still trying to watch this show whenever I can.. and at first I was wondering why did anybody create a show like this... It sounded boring.. Then I watched the first few episodes, and it was even worse than I thought... But there are many funny things that are said and done in some of the other episodes.. and It is very funny that the dog acts like a person.. Kinda like how Scooby Doo does and Snoopy does, only that is this is live action.. and I also like how Jamie's friends are just as funny as Jamie is... and I also saw that Cheryl Gates McFadden was there as Allison... That was also funny.... I still want to see this show more, but that may not happen until N@N becomes a 24 hour network....
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