Mad About You

NBC (ended 1999)





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  • Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt play two married neurotic romantics in love with each other surrounded by eccentrics in New York City....

    I kind of liked this show when it first ran even though I didn't watch it religously, but the reruns have a wonderful nostalgic charm to each other. Cute, funny and adorable Helen Hunt plays so well off the sarcasm that is Paul Reiser, fresh off a short-lived hit series called "My Two Dads." It's Helen's first TV series and certainly her best accomplishment. She was the ingrediant that made the show work; Reiser would not have made it without her, and the stream of strange characters around them in the form of their friends, relatives and co-workers certainly heightened the charm of the show. I love recognizing the stars of today appearing in minor roles. Of the whole series, my favorite episode is the one where an old boyfriend turns out a comic book with Helen Hunt as the evil galactic empress and the notoriety gives her unwanted attention. Creative, intelligent humor. You just don't find it anymore.