Mad About You

NBC (ended 1999)





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  • Great show about a young couple living in NY.

    It feels so strange to review a show almost ten years after its end, but the other day I was remembering how much fun my family and I had watching this amazing show - and I'm not a nostalgic person.

    "Mad About You" was a tv show about a young couple living in New York City and their crazy family and friends. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt star as Paul and Helen Buchman. They had a lot of funny situations happening in their lives, such so real, that happened with my family too. Lisa Kudrow, before becoming best known as Phoebe from "Friends", played Ursula, the crazy waitress from the restaurant where Paul and Jaime had lunch. As soon as "Friends" became a popular show, Ursula was turned into Phoebe's evil twin. There were crossovers between both shows too.

    It was a great tv show. I can't find any other show like this.