Mad About You

Season 1 Episode 1

Romantic Improvisations

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 23, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode introduces the audience to Paul and Jamie Buchman for the first time with Jamie snoring in bed next to Paul. Then as they prepare (in a very harried manner) for a day at work, Jamie brings up the fact that they haven't had sex in nearly a week. She is upset about this, but Paul is not concerned. He tells her that this is what marriage is like, and then he recaps the past 5 days and says why he hasn't been "in the mood" each day. They are finally making it out the door to work when they decide they should have a date night alone. It's too bad that Jamie remembers that they have plans for Mark and Fran to come over for dinner. They decide that they are going to cancel even though they've cancelled quite a few times recently (because they don't like them, Paul says). They argue over who is going to call and cancel, but the issue is not resolved in all the confusion as each one of them has to run back into the house before leaving for work.

Once they return home at the end of the work day, we meet down-on-her-luck Lisa who is complaining to Jamie about her recent woes, mainly that her boyfriend dumped her. Lisa invites herself to stay for dinner even though Jamie is only making a lasagna big enough for Paul and herself. Soon the doorbell rings and it's Fran and Paul. No one ever called to cancel. This causes a huge fight between Paul and Jamie. They kick everyone out of the kitchen, sending Mark and Fran each out with two burners from the stove?! Soon the fighting turns into sex on the butcher block island.

At the end of the episode, Paul has to kick Shelby out of the house because he's stayed behind to watch TV. (Shelby came because Paul was mad at Jamie for Lisa joining them, so he invited his best friend, Shelby.)
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