Mad About You - Season 1

NBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Happy Anniversary
    Episode 22
    At the Buchmans' first anniversary party, love blossoms between Warren and Connie, while Paul tries to turn back the clock. However, there is no love between the now separated Fran and Mark.
  • The Painter
    Episode 21
    Jamie hires an ex-boyfriend to paint the apartment and is a bit annoyed when Paul is not concerned by the prospect of her old flame being alone with her. When Paul comes home from his job, he finds Sherman and Fran together in their bed having sex, because Fran is stressed over her move-out from Mark's apartment. So, Paul talks to Mark about their marriage. Jamie and Paul try to get them together back, but they decide to get split.moreless
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
    Jamie's new client is a former TV star, Diane Caldwell (guest star Barbara Feldon) idolized by Paul and Ira in their childhood. They quickly revert back to their old ways and compete for star attention. But, Ira charmes Diane before Paul and gets to spend a night with Diane. But, next day, everything is about to change when Ira finds out the truth...moreless
  • Swept Away
    Episode 19
    Jamie thinks that Lisa and her new boyfriend, Michael (guest star Charles Shaughnessy) are moving too fast in their relationship. When Lisa and Michael decide to move in together after a week's acquaintance, Paul tries to stop Jaime, but she is unable to stay uninvolved.
  • 2/27/93
    Paul's father has his 15 minutes of fame following an incident with Regis Philbin that embarasses Paul. Events progress to a point where Paul is being viewed by the entire city as an over-reactive son.
  • The Billionaire
    Episode 17
    An extremely energetic and eccentric billionaire wants Paul to make a film about him. Meanwhile, Paul hires a new editor/cameraman who is anything but energetic.
  • Love Among the Tiles
    What should a couple do when trapped in their bathroom on Valentine's Day? Paul and Jamie show the way--painting toenails, giving mutual facials, and using antacid tablets as food and more.
  • The Wedding Affair
    Episode 15
    After unwittingly revealing a secret about a bride to her father on her wedding day, Paul badgers Jamie into telling him one of hers, and is soon sorry that he did.
  • Weekend Getaway
    Episode 14
    An escape to the country side doesn't immediately cure Jamie's blues, but once it does, she wants to stay in the country permanently, make apples, till soil and run a Chinese restaurant.
  • Togetherness
    Episode 13
    Producer Jamie gets to hire the director for a new spot for the New York City tourism campaign and picks Paul so they can work together. However, they soon find out how much togetherness is too much.
  • Maid About You
    Episode 12
    The Buchmans find their new once-a-week maid, Masha (guest star Beata Pozniak) a big help, but she is heartbroken that her affection for "Mr. Paul" isn't being reciprocated.
  • Met Someone
    Episode 11
    The story of how Paul and Jamie met is told, beginning with a chance encounter on a Sunday evening by the newstand, followed by Paul's hard work to locate Jamie. Jamie breaks up with her boyfriend and is feeling strange. Paul appears in her office bringing her clothes and as time passes, they go on a dinner date...moreless
  • Neighbors from Hell
    Episode 10
    The Buchmans get off on the wrong foot with the neighbors across the hall, Hal and Maggie Conway, and each subsequent step to improve relations. However, that decision seems to be making the matters worse.
  • Riding Backwards
    Episode 9
    On a trip to Connecticut to spend Thanksgiving with Jamie's parents, Paul and Jamie are doing fine, Mark and Fran begin to fight, while Selby and Lisa are just friends. However, on the return journey, everything is different.
  • The Apartment
    Episode 8
    Planning their last will and testament together brings up the subject of Paul's old bachelor pad, which he now sublets to Cosmo Kramer (guest star Michael Richards). Jamie wants Paul to get rid of his apartment, but Paul is against that. They get into a fight, which results in Paul deciding about the future of his apartment and Jamie getting rid of her t-shirt from her past (which she later wants back).moreless
  • Token Friend
    Episode 7
    Paul is suddenly reluctant to use the subway because a former fellow film school student turns up as the token clerk at his station.
  • 10/28/92
    Paul's film about Yankee Stadium is rejected by PBS the same day Jamie snags a major advertising account, turning her celebratory bash into a defeat party.
  • Paul in the Family
    Episode 5
    An unexpectedly long visit by Jamie's parents, Gus and Theresa Stemple turns her into a raving lunatic who bribes Lisa with cold cash and cab fare into sharing the experience.
  • Out of the Past
    Episode 4
    News of his ex-girlfriend visiting New York first fills Paul with excitement, followed by guilt, culminating in blithering idiocy after he invites Jamie to Riff's to meet her and Jamie accepts.
  • Sunday Times
    Episode 3
    Paul and Jamie enjoy a quiet Sunday with nothing to do except decide what to do. However, they have to decide whether to see a movie, take in a parade or get to the museum before their friends' Sundays' intrude.
  • Sofa's Choice
    Episode 2
    To Paul, a couch by any other name is not a couch, especially if it is a divan, a settee, or worse, a love seat. Jamie is determined that their first major purchase to be jointly made and when dragged to the department store, Paul manages to hyperventilate. When they hang out together in the store, Mark discovers to Paul some informations that he probably shouldn't ever find about.moreless
  • Romantic Improvisations
    Paul and Jamie Buchman are newlywed adjusting to life together in Manhattan. When only after 5 months of marriage Jamie complains that their sexual life is not like it used to be, Paul decides to come earlier from his job so they could spend a nice evening alone. But, their scheduled evening goes awry as each assumes the other had cancelled their dinner plans with friends.moreless