Mad About You

Season 1 Episode 2

Sofa's Choice

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 30, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jamie takes Paul to a department store to look at a new couch she wants to purchase. She is feeling ^iffy^ about making a decision because she feels like purchasing a couch is a major event in married life. Paul thinks this is ridiculous and convinces her to go ahead and buy it. Once the salesman starts to fill-out the forms for the purchase and refers to the couch as a ^loveseat^ Paul starts to freak out. He wants to be able to say ^Throw your coat over the couch.^ and he doesn't want the retort ^What? You mean the loveseat?^ Jamie is trying to convince him this scenario would never happen, but Fran and Mark show up and Mark refers to the ^couch^ as a loveseat. Then the scene switches to the women shopping in the same department store. They're discussing the poor lighting in dressing rooms, so Jamie gets up on a chair and takes the fluorescent lightbulb out. When the saleslady confronts her about it Jamie says that the light fell and almost hurt Fran. So the saleslady apologizes and offers to get Fran anything. Fran asks for two cappucinos and those ^giant cookies.^ Meanwhile, Paul and Mark are standing around in the men's department when an old lady asks Paul to try on a sweater that she wants for her son. He reluctantly does it because when Mark volunteers, the old lady claims he's too ^round shouldered.^ After the old lady is done harassing Paul as if he IS her son, Mark convinces Paul to try on new pants and loafers. Paul reluctantly does this. While they are trying clothes on and being fitted, Mark mentions that when Jamie first told Mark about Paul (and that he was a bad dresser) she was being examined by Mark, who is an OB-GYN. Paul freaks out and hyperventilates. The final scene they cut to is Paul coming to on the pull-out loveseat that they almost purchased. Jamie is apologizing for the fact that Paul feels so bothered by Mark examining her while Fran is yelling at Mark for divulging the information to Paul. Paul bargains with Jamie that he now doesn't have to go to her aunt's birthday luau and that he wants to go to a basketball game with Selby. Jamie makes him feel bad by saying the only reason she made him go to the department store with her is because she likes to be with him. Paul says he'll compromise by taking HER to the basketball game.