Mad About You

Season 1 Episode 8

The Apartment

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 11, 1992 on NBC

Episode Recap

As Jamie and Paul sit down with Paul's Uncle Jules to negotiate their will, the subject of Paul's previous apartment came up. Apparently, Paul had held onto the apartment not in order to have a place to fall back on. Instead, he held onto it because New York City rent control laws made subletting a more favorable option. However, Jamie was unconvinced, and wanted Paul to commit to his marriage and to get rid of the apartment. Besides, as Paul confessed to Selby, he wasn't really making money on the deal anyway.

After an evening of arguing, and Jamie's persistent reply of "so get rid of it" to every line Paul had, Paul agrees to get rid of it. But that was not before Jamie threw a sports jersey from an old boyfriend out of their 11th story window. Later, she called the building supervisor to have the jersey retrieved, possibly to re-dispose of the jersey later.

After a pleasant remainder of the evening and a cozy morning, Selby enters, and Jamie overhears Paul tell Selby that Jamie's insistence, not his own desire, was Paul's motivating force. The fight renewed as Jamie declined to win the argument on those terms. Paul again relented, though with doubtful sincerity.

Paul visits his old apartment, now sublet to Cosmo Kramer, both to retrieve an important shoebox of papers, and to inform Kramer that he was turning the lease over to him. Implying that Paul would be horrified by its appearance, Kramer declines to allow Paul inside. Several items leak out the door to justify Kramer's concern.

Out in the hallway, Paul refers to his will as having provoked the visit. Kramer introduces Paul to the notion of cryo-bionics, whereby the body is frozen for possible future thawing. (Earlier, Jamie had noted her preference for being cremated.) As Paul leaves, he asks Kramer about a "Jerry" neighbor, who now writes for NBC.

Paul was intrigued by the idea of being frozen, but Jamie opposes it. Paul "experiments" by sticking his head in the freezer, and persuades Jamie to try it too. Jamie may not have been influenced by Paul's reasoning. But she likes the idea of having found ice cream that she didn't know was there.