Mad About You

Season 7 Episode 21

The Final Frontier (1)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 24, 1999 on NBC



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    • Mabel: These are the people who prepare me to the world.
      (Back to 2011)
      Jamie: You see Mabel, sweetheart, boys and girls are different, girls have (pause) umm boys have (pause) girls and boys ummm (pause) honey.
      Paul: See Mabel... when a man... loves a woman, he can't keep his mind on nothing else. He shows the world for the good things he found. If she is bad, he can't see it. She can't do no wrong.
      Jamie: Honey.
      Paul: There's get back to you.
      (Stand up and leave)

    • Jamie: There are lots of things I want, but only one that I need. And if you ever left me, I would find you, and I would bring you home, because you would be wrong.

    • Jamie: How can we not be married.
      Paul: Yeeck!
      Jamie: Our entire marriage is a lie.
      Paul: It's not a lie.
      Jamie: Yes it is, for the last seven years we have not been what we thought we were. Our whole universe is based on a false foundation, doesn't that bother you...
      Paul: Aw man.
      Jamie: What?
      Paul: (looking at sandwich) I asked for onions, they gave me sprouts.

    • Sheila: Paul and Jamie, I don't know if you've been keeping track, but this is your 1,000th therapy session.
      Jamie: Is that true?
      Sheila: Yes it is.
      Jamie: Dear God.
      Paul: Wow 1,000th. Wow, that's like...
      Sheila: Ten glorious years.
      Paul: No, no, I know that...
      Sheila: $116,000.
      Paul: Dear God.
      Jamie: Mmm-hmm.

    • Mabel: So, I'm the bastard child of idiot parents. My therapist tells me… yes, I'm in therapy… that, in my parents' defense, they sought help. A lot of help.

    • Jamie: We didn't even fill out the paperwork for that one.
      Paul: Didn't even fill out… you know what we wrote on the certificate? "Lois Lane marries Humpty Dumpty."

    • Jamie: Hey we know you.
      Lenny: Hey.
      Paul: Hey.
      Lenny: Paul and Jamie, right?
      Paul: Yeah, Larry, right?
      Lenny: Lenny.
      Jamie: This is so wild, you know this is our anniversary today.
      Lenny: No it is not.
      Jamie: Yes it is. Seven years ago today.
      Lenny: That is deeply ironic.

    • Jamie: What says anniversary?
      (White g**k falls on Paul.)
      Paul: Certainly not that.

    • Mabel: I blame my parents. I've been engaged four times to three different men, and if you're doing the math, that's a lot of angry people. (A picture of each one is shown.) There was this guy, then there was this guy, and then there was this guy. And you remember this guy from the first photo. Leave a guy at the alter once, it stings. Leave a second time, apparently highly destructive. How do you like me so far? Let's begin, shall we, with a story that has become almost folklore in my family. It was 1999, so I'm one and it's my parents anniversary.

  • Notes

    • The scenes in which future Mabel appears and narrates her childhood resemble the narrations made by the character of Alvy Singer in Woody Allen's Annie Hall. As a narrator, Mabel talks to the public directly, and tells many events of her childhood and her parents in New York, just like Alvy does in Annie Hall.

    • Featured Music:
      "You Give Me Love" by Faith Hill

    • As you can see, the final episode has the name of the original Mad About You theme song.

    • Helen Hunt won an Emmy for her best performance in this two part finale episode for best comedy actress.

    • This is the final one-hour episode.

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