Mad About You

Season 7 Episode 22

The Final Frontier (2)

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 24, 1999 on NBC

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  • Simply the best TV series finale ever!

    I've pretty much seen all of the classic TV series' finales over the years, from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to "The Fugitive" to "St. Elsewhere" to "Newhart" to "The West Wing" to "M*A*S*H" to "Cheers" to "WKRP in Cincinnati" to "Seinfeld" to "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" to "Xena, Warrior Princess" to "In Plain Sight" and the "Mad About You" finale ranks, for me, as the greatest ever. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it was poignant, it was funny, it was clever, and it was a fitting send-off to a great show.
  • The finale was extremely out of character for the show. The show was always lighthearted and funny, and the finale was sad and dark. It made me cry. Not a very good way to send viewers away remembering the spirit of the show.

    Why would they make the finale a speed view of Paul and Jamie's future? If that idea wasn't bad enough they did it in some sort of strange retrospect from Mabel, a character that was not a major part of the show. During the last season, half of the time I wondered where Mabel was because Paul and Jamie would be on their own. I'm also bitter about the sadness that was conveyed in the finale. 'Mad About You' was always a lighthearted view of the things that Paul and Jamie were dealing with. All of the sudden, there's this finale that makes the viewer feel sad. I thought the purpose of a finale was to send the viewer away with a memory of the show. This did nothing but upset and confuse me.
  • One of the best series finales ever

    This is one of the rare series finales I feel like I could watch 100 times. It is truly one of the best. If you can ignore the silly, boring subplot in which Paul and Jamie find out the aren't really married and finally, after 7 years, tie the knot for real, that is. Most series finales are expected to be an Event with some Major Moment and this finale didn't give us any Moments. It simply followed the Buchmans through their lives. Mabel grew up and Paul and Jamie grew old. Together, naturally. They had problems, just like any real couple. What else could we expect from a show that, unlike too many others, actually tried to give a realistic - sometimes ridiculous - portrayal of what marriage is really like? It is wonderful that the viewers were allowed a chance to see what's in store for their favorite characters. We are not left to wonder what will happen, when and how. Also, it saves the cast from ever having to participate in one of those God-awful reunion ratings stunts.
  • I loved the Season Finale.

    I loved the Season Finale; they could not have written a better one if they tried.

    The show was always about being married and what comes after that, and yes that even includes children.

    A great season Final is suppose to take something from the beginning of the show that you thought was always correct and turn it on it's head, which this show indeed did.
    I mean think about it that was the part we always thought happened only to discover it actually didn't.

    This show did not have a sad ending and it was not out of character since they did have sad episodes along the way, it was mainly a comedy but with marriage comes the faults too and for you to feel like they were a real couple these were important character developments and situations.

    The final let us continue on with the journey with the assistance from Mabel following in her father's footsteps foretelling us the major events in their lives which included deaths, marriages, birthdays, breakups, children and especially Love.

    With this show you got the lot right from start to finish. You laughed, you cringed, you even cried. It made you feel.