Mad About You

Season 1 Episode 18

The Man Who Said Hello

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 27, 1993 on NBC

Episode Recap

During intermission at a theater, we are introduced to Paul's father, Burt. Ira and his date Mimi join Paul, Jamie and Burt in a balcony loge at a presentation of Moby! It's bad enough that Mimi insists on singing along every number. But Burt returns to his seat - after the chimes - excited that he had just met Regis Philbin. Nobody believes him until he can spot Philbin in a ground floor seat. As the second act begins, Burt stands up, and calls down from the balcony to get Regis' attention, a gesture that embarrasses Paul. Regis uses his next morning's show to recount the previous night, expressing impatience at a man who would do such a thing. Burt calls in, identifying himself by name, and mentions Paul by name as the man who was embarrassed by it. Call waiting then proves to be a liability to Paul: As Paul is talking to Burt about his call to Regis, he is interrupted by Fran who asks what was so embarrassing, and again is interrupted by Lisa who wonders why she wasn't invited to join them at the theater. The Man Who Said Hello becomes a media story that grows legs. The newspaper features Burt's account. And Paul is further embarrassed by a baby bath photo of him - a photo that Burt had submitted. Paul feels like the only person in New York whose schneckie was published in a major newspaper. For her part, Jamie sees both sides. She agrees that Burt's action was embarrassing. But she also suggests that enduring each other's embarrassments was part of participating in a relationship. Burt recalls how a young Paul had to be escorted to second base, because he had gotten comfortable on first. But the court of public opinion sided with Burt. And Paul found himself as a hated figure in New York - spat on as he came home from work. And moving would be futile, since Regis was aired nationally. At the end of the week, Burt is invited to appear with Regis. Jamie insists on attending, and Paul insists on disregarding the appearance. Jamie and Ira show up back stage to greet Burt, and Jamie fabricates a plumbing emergency which prevented Paul from getting there, a story which Burt does not believe. But Burt knows that Paul will be there. Paul does show up, and is in for two more surprises: 1) Ira is marketing "The Man Who Said Hello" t-shirts complete with a target of Paul on the back, and 2) The producer thinks that Paul and Jamie should join Burt. As Paul hesitates, Ira poses as Paul, and goes on stage with Jamie. Ira, on camera, embarrasses Jamie by cheapening the meaning of their having met. But then he finds Paul backstage, and drags him on to pose as "cousin Ira." At this point, Paul posing as Ira, concedes he might have over-reacted. And Jamie plants a big kiss on "cousin Ira."