Mad About You

Season 1 Episode 20

The Spy Who Loved Me

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 08, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Not only did Barbara Feldon play Agent 99 on Get Smart, which made her the ideal actress for Spy Girl, she also once won the main prize on The $64,000 Question, answering questions on Shakespeare. In this episode of Mad About You her character spends her time after the Spy Girl tv show doing ... Shakespeare In The Park.

  • Quotes

    • Paul: This woman saved Western civilization every Tuesday night for six years.
      Jamie: No wonder she's so irritable.

    • Mark: You look as beautiful today as you did back then! You know what you should do, you should do one of those exercise videos.. or Ibsen!

    • Jamie: Oh, go on Ira! Shock me! She loved it, couldn't get enough, I had to hold on for dear life!

    • Ira: You're having dinner with Spy Girl?
      Paul: Better, I'm having dinner with her and you're not.
      Jamie: I'm thinking about camp for you this summer.

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