Mad Jack the Pirate

FOX (ended 1999)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Mad Jack & The Beanstalk / The Curse of the Mummy's Toe
      Mad Jack & The Beanstalk:

      Snuk is tricked into buying some magic beans; however Jack doesn't believe the beans are magic so he throws them away. The beans grow into a giant beanstalk, which Jack and Snuk climb, believing there is a treasure at the top.

      The Curse of the Mummy's Toe:

      Jack and Snuk are inside a pyramid, looking for treasure, but meet a mummy and try to escape. However, Jack took the mummy's toe which is cursed.moreless
    • Attack Of The Man-Eating Green Gorillas / The Johnny Of The Lamp
      Attack Of The Man-Eating Green Gorillas:

      Jack and Snuk remember the days when they were in school, after they discover their old teacher was gurading the tresure they were looking for.

      The Johnny Of The Lamp:

      Jack finds a magic lamp, but he drops it into the ocean and a fish swallows it. Angus Dagnabbit offers to help them get the lamp back.moreless
    • The Great Kapow! / The Snuk, The Mad and the Ugly
      The Great Kapow!: Mad Jack and Snuk go to a food-made island due to a food shortage. The Snuk, the Mad, and the Ugly: Mad Jack tries to make money by turning Snuk into a jail for 2000 dingots.
    • The Island of Pink & Fuzzy / Uncle Mortimer
      The Island of Pink & Fuzzy:

      Jack and Snuk arrive on the Island of Pink and Fuzzy in search of treasure. However the pink and fuzzy creatures are too nice and make Jack sick.

      Uncle Mortimer:

      Jack's uncle Mortimer dies and the will says that Jack has to take his dog to an island. However, uncle Mortimer's ghost seems to be aboard Jack's ship as well.moreless
    • Jack The Dragon Slayer / Captain Snuk
      Jack The Dragon Slayer:

      Jack is hired by a king to slay the dragon who kidnapped his daughter, the princess.

      Captain Snuk:

      One of Jack's old enemies is coming to kill him, so Jack makes Snuk take his place as captain of the Sea Chicken.
    • The Alarming Snow Troll Encounter / The Case Of The Crabs
      The Alarming Snow Troll Encounter:

      The Snow Trolls steal Jack's ice cream machine, so he and Snuk go to get it back.

      The Case Of The Crabs:

      Jack and Snuk are underwater, searching for the Pink Pearl. They are however captured by a race of crabs and thrown in prison.
    • The Treasure Of The Headless, Left-Handed, Peatmoss Salesman / 999 Delights
      The Treasure Of The Headless, Left-Handed, Peatmoss Salesman:

      While looking for the treasure of the headless, left-handed, peatmoss salesman, Jack is pulled over by the Sea Police, who discover his pirate licence has expired. Now Jack must take the test again to get his pirate licence renewed.

      999 Delights:

      After Jack staels a magic wand from Merlin the sorceror, he tries to enter the Castle of 999 Delights.moreless
    • The Horror Of Draclia
      Jack and Snuk arrive in Vulgaria, home of the vampire Draclia, looking for treasure. They spend the night in Draclia's castle, not knowing he is a vampire.
    • Happy Birthday To Who? / Shipwhacked
      Happy Birthday To Who?:

      It's Jack's birthday and Snuk takes him to an amusement park, where all the robots malfunction and kidnap Jack.


      Jack and Snuk shipwreck on an island inhabited by cannibals.
    • The Strange Case Of Angus Dagnabbit / Lights, Camera- Snuk!
      The Strange Case Of Angus Dagnabbit:

      Jack tries to trick Angus Dagnabbit into giving him the Golden Haggis.

      Lights, Camera- Snuk!:

      Both Jack and Snuk are hired to star in a new pirate movie.
    • Of Zerzin, Fleebis, Queues and Cures / A Knight To Dismember
      Of Zerzin, Fleebis, Queues and Cures:

      Jack is ill with Fleebis, an incurable disease, and Mr. Death comes to take him. Snuck discovers that there is a cure for Fleebis, so they leave for the island Zerzin to find it.

      A Knight To Dismember:

      A medieval knight hires Mad Jack and Snuck to help him rescue the Princess from the Black Knight.moreless
    • The Curse of the Blue Karbunkle
      Mad Jack searches for the Blue Carbuncle to pay for his Sea Chicken.
    • The Terrifying Sea Witch Incident
      Mad Jack is captured by three sea witches that want him to marry a female dragon (who's the daughter of the island's landlord), so they can afford the rent. The witches throw Jack in the dungeon, where he meets a giant rat named Snuck, who's really annoying. Jack manages to escape, but his conscience tells him to go back and free Snuck as well. He does so, but he is captured again by the witches. At the wedding, he is however saved by his rival, Flash Charming who wants to marry "the beautiful princess", not knowing she is a dragon. Jack and Snuck leave, not seeing how Flash kisses the dragon, thus transforming the dragon back into a beautiful woman. In the end, Jack accepts Snuck as his first mate and together they sail away.moreless