Mad Love

CBS (ended 2011)



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  • Mad Love: a study of when good ideas get copied .... poorly.

    Now there is nothing generally wrong with Mad Love as a concept. As a simple sitcom about trying to fall in love, it follows a simple formula that keeps shows on the air for one or two years. However, Mad Love is (hopefully) doomed do to a lack of awareness by everyone connected with the program. Either that or maybe the entire cast and crew fall asleep to reruns of How I Met Your Mother and when they wake up, they unknowingly mimic everything they saw the night before. There may be nothing new under the sun, and recycling from other shows is ubiquitous on television, but usually people wait until the show they are copying has left the airwaves. I like Jason Biggs but his character perfectly apes the mannerisms and dialogue delivery of Josh Radnor. Add to this the need to insert a redheaded female lead, and the inexplicable casting of Sarah Chalke in a role so similar to the one she left on HIMYM, and you've got a recipe for a weak knockoff. Along with the characters and the need for a voice-over (shockingly not done by Bob Saget) the settings - the rooftop meeting place, the law firm, the local bar (with the bar screen left rather than screen right)- show a group of creators who said "HIMYM is popular, maybe if we slightly modify the show we can have a hit too!!" In my mind, I'd rather watch the original.
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