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Four single friends living in New York City are looking for love in this CBS rom-com series.

    6 Actors Who Deserve Their Own Shows

    Why can’t we find permanent roles for these six actors?


    News Briefs: J.J. Abrams Sells a Pilot to The CW

    Plus: ABC picks up a Judy Greer pilot, Monday's top-rated show was a repeat, and Saturday Night Live loses a cast member.

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    • The better way to go would have been

      ... to air this show this season, fresh off the heals of American Pie Reunion! Or else, Jason Biggs should have gotten on a show this season if he wanted a successful show.

      When this show came out people didn't care who he was, he was forgotten... this past september people may have thought about it differently... they may have have been like 'oh he's that awkward guy who messes things up in American Pie... let me check this show out'

      Shame this show got axed coz I LOVE Judy Greer, and her Two and a Half Men stint did not do her justice!

      And let's face it... I doubt Sarah Chalke's new show on ABC is going to be a hit... With a title that doesn't end and a weak concept, she's going to be out of yet another job by May.moreless
    • A lot like How I met your mother

      I loved this show, even though it is probably the exact same thing as how i met your mother, but well. I love HIMYM so its a great show. Sad it got cancelled.
    • hoping for a comeback

      No matter who says what, this show gave me the laughs HIMYM and Friends provided. Some say a cheap knock-off, some say a ripoff but the fact remains that the show delivered what they promised.

      As far as the characters go, they were well defined than that of HIMYM. One could honestly see the characters evolving and growing than left to assumption. It moved faster every week and led one to what they had projected and did not keep one hanging whilst attempting to make viewers curious about the next season. Personally i think they fell prey to network politics just like Rules of Engagement did for that crappy Rob Schneider show.

      Its a shame that the show got canned considering the potential it carried. I hope they come back to the tele soon.moreless
    • The pilot is just not good enough.

      When I first heard about this show, I thought it would be somewhat similar to 'How I Met Your Mother' but still be different. After having watched the pilot, I think that it is just a scaled down version of it. There were quite a few jokes and punch lines, as expected in a pilot. But, most of them weren't funny and the 'laugh track' didn't help either.

      Jason Biggs was at his 'pie' best which just wasn't enough for the show. I was really disappointed to see Sarah Chalke doing this show. She could have done so much better after Scrubs. Judy Greer and Tyler Labine weren't that bad, however, their odd chemistry couldn't hold the pilot together.

      If this show was to premiere on NBC, I think it could have lasted long. But, I don't see this show going anywhere on CBS unless they get rid of the HIMYM shadow. Frankly, even if this show was to improve in the next episodes, I don't think it could go beyond a season. Well, I hope I'm wrong and this show does continue because I really want to see more of Sarah Chalke and Tyler Labine.

      For all the effort and little bit of comedy, I would like to give the show 4 stars.moreless
    • if someone rates mad love more then 1.0, call 911.

      This is not a spin off of How I met your Mother. No. It's hard to describe how terrible mad love is.

      let's try this:

      Take 4 of the most annoying and desperate "h" rank actors. show them 1 episode of how i met your mother. And tell them you want the same, but with bad acting, the worst writing you have ever seen with 3rd grade jokes, and then let them perform...

      It will still be better then mad love.

      A dog and a cat stuck in a bathroom with a racoon and a cow could still make a better spin off of how i met your mother.

      So if someone tells you that mad love is great and you must see this. Call 911.moreless

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