Mad Love

Season 1 Episode 13

After The Fireworks

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • Series finale.

    So Mad Love got canceled on the day of it's first season finale. I definitely thought this show would get picked up, no matter how unoriginal it was (see Rules of Engagement) but it sadly didn't. This show had charm, and an interesting story line. Sure, it wasn't original, but it still had potential.

    I really feel for the cast the most. They really didn't deserve this. We got a really great cast here, and it's sad to see it go to waste. As for the finale, it was pretty good all things considered.

    It was really eventful actually and even though we wont get to see Larry & Connie slowly fall in love with each other, we all know it's going to happen. The tie in with Tiffany was pretty predictable though. As for the Ben & Kate thing, lets say they got together too and they all lived happily ever after. Good finale, wish it got picked up.
  • In one episode your convinced the odd couple belongs together and the main one does not.

    The show has a stellar cast but for some reason they don't quite work as a group of friends. The finale also doesn't tackle stories we haven't seen before in, say, Friends where it has been done better. The jealous, mean stepmom, the crush on a friend you thought you hated, the guy from high school you turned out to be married to. It's all kind of dull and played out, which doesn't bode well for the episode.
    The part where the main couple has to go back to the beginning feels confusing to me but then again, it might be for the fans. The ending where the girl runs in to find her guy friend hooking up with someone else was predictable but still works on some levels. Though the voice-over feels very out of place.
    The finale doesn't work on several levels which is far from entertaining.