Mad Love

Season 1 Episode 9

Pub Quiz

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 18, 2011 on CBS

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    Mad Love should never split up the guys and girls again. It proved costly for this episode. I have no problem with having a few scenes that are one-on-one between Connie & Kate or Ben & Larry, but an entire episode? Not so much. The show is at it's best when everyone interacts with each other. With a small cast like this one, you need all the interactions you can get.

    The laughs were few and far tonight and Mad Love yet again gave us a "borrowed" story line from How I Met Your Mother. Remember when everyone went to a club, wanted to feel young, and then decided they were too old for it? Yeah, I did. And it's not like How I Met Your Mother is the only one that's used this story line. Mad Love, more now than ever, need to get at least an ounce of originality to survive.

    The episode wasn't that bad in retrospect, but a lot of things annoyed me about this episode for some reason. I wont give up on the show just yet though.