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  • The better way to go would have been

    ... to air this show this season, fresh off the heals of American Pie Reunion! Or else, Jason Biggs should have gotten on a show this season if he wanted a successful show.

    When this show came out people didn't care who he was, he was forgotten... this past september people may have thought about it differently... they may have have been like 'oh he's that awkward guy who messes things up in American Pie... let me check this show out'

    Shame this show got axed coz I LOVE Judy Greer, and her Two and a Half Men stint did not do her justice!

    And let's face it... I doubt Sarah Chalke's new show on ABC is going to be a hit... With a title that doesn't end and a weak concept, she's going to be out of yet another job by May.
  • A lot like How I met your mother

    I loved this show, even though it is probably the exact same thing as how i met your mother, but well. I love HIMYM so its a great show. Sad it got cancelled.
  • hoping for a comeback

    No matter who says what, this show gave me the laughs HIMYM and Friends provided. Some say a cheap knock-off, some say a ripoff but the fact remains that the show delivered what they promised.

    As far as the characters go, they were well defined than that of HIMYM. One could honestly see the characters evolving and growing than left to assumption. It moved faster every week and led one to what they had projected and did not keep one hanging whilst attempting to make viewers curious about the next season. Personally i think they fell prey to network politics just like Rules of Engagement did for that crappy Rob Schneider show.

    Its a shame that the show got canned considering the potential it carried. I hope they come back to the tele soon.
  • The pilot is just not good enough.

    When I first heard about this show, I thought it would be somewhat similar to 'How I Met Your Mother' but still be different. After having watched the pilot, I think that it is just a scaled down version of it. There were quite a few jokes and punch lines, as expected in a pilot. But, most of them weren't funny and the 'laugh track' didn't help either.

    Jason Biggs was at his 'pie' best which just wasn't enough for the show. I was really disappointed to see Sarah Chalke doing this show. She could have done so much better after Scrubs. Judy Greer and Tyler Labine weren't that bad, however, their odd chemistry couldn't hold the pilot together.

    If this show was to premiere on NBC, I think it could have lasted long. But, I don't see this show going anywhere on CBS unless they get rid of the HIMYM shadow. Frankly, even if this show was to improve in the next episodes, I don't think it could go beyond a season. Well, I hope I'm wrong and this show does continue because I really want to see more of Sarah Chalke and Tyler Labine.

    For all the effort and little bit of comedy, I would like to give the show 4 stars.
  • if someone rates mad love more then 1.0, call 911.

    This is not a spin off of How I met your Mother. No. It's hard to describe how terrible mad love is.

    let's try this:

    Take 4 of the most annoying and desperate "h" rank actors. show them 1 episode of how i met your mother. And tell them you want the same, but with bad acting, the worst writing you have ever seen with 3rd grade jokes, and then let them perform...

    It will still be better then mad love.

    A dog and a cat stuck in a bathroom with a racoon and a cow could still make a better spin off of how i met your mother.

    So if someone tells you that mad love is great and you must see this. Call 911.
  • the show is good. its based around four people. The idea of 2 friends who can't stand each other while the other two grow together is good to me good show it grew on me.

    Good show it grew on me. It gets funnier and funnier each week that I watch it. I am a fan. I hope it gets picked up for season two. The cast is awesome. The line up is great. Keep up the good work. I think it is a show with a lot of potential. It continues to improve the storyline. A show that has a bright future in it. It is one of those shows you have to watch a few times. Big Bang Theory is still on t.v. and it is terrible. I know this show has a chance it is way better than that.
  • Mad Love is a HIMYM clone. Mad Love is basically How I Met Your Mother without Marshall. The comedy is exactly the same, which isn't bad. This is a good show for anyone who loves HIMYM

    As I stated in this summary, Mad Love is just How I Met Your Mother if it didn't have Marshall. How the characters would have acted without Marshall. Complete with goof ball Ted knockoff, best friend who has all these formulas for nailing chicks just like Barney, a loving g/f like Lily, and a guys kind of girl like Robin... and bar similar to MacLarens. It is however successful in spite of it being a HIMYM clone. It's definitely worth watching, and it seems to be getting better each week. Jason Biggs is stereo typed in his usual "nice guy who bungles everything up" character, while Sarah Chalke plays her usual "nice girl" act. The stand out character in this show is actually Judy Greer playing "Connie". She is sassy and witty in a very cool way. Connie an edgier Robin Scherbotzky. Tyler Labine is great as Larry Munsch, despite the fact that he is a carbon copy of Barney Stinson. All in all, a good show that needs to prove it's more than just a clone of How I Met Your Mother.
  • Flater than a glass of warm, stale tap water.

    Well, third on my hit parade of utterly mediocre sit-coms this evening is 'Mad Love' which aught to be re-named; 'Oh puhleeez...Gimme a Break Love'. Found myself raiding the fridge after the first five minutes had passed (not a good sign, strike one), going to the bathroom to relieve my bladder even though I didn't really have to (very un-good sign, strike two)and fixing the hinges on my reading glasses with a tiny little screw driver with the dialogue going in one ear and out the other after twenty minutes had passed (strike three, and yer outta there). Fits my definition of prime time white noise for sure.
  • Although it appears that it is copying the same formula that made How I Met Your Mother such a great show, I think it has potential...

    The pilot has now aired, and many have pointed out the similarities between this show and HIMYM. For some reason, everyone seems to believe this is a bad thing. I ask you why is using the same winning formula for another tv show bad? How many different cop shows are out that bring millions of viewers in every time they are on the air? Do these not have similarities between them? The answer is yes, but the most successful of these are able to use that same winning formula and bring something new to them at the same time. Why can this not be true for Mad Love? While HIMYM is about a single guy looking for love with the help of his best friend who happens to be in a long relationship, Mad Love is the exact opposite. At first glance, it is about a couple trying to find love with the help of their single best friends. Basically, while HIMYM follows the love story of the single male lead, Ted, Mad Love would seem to follow the love story of the couple, i.e. Lily and Marshall. At this point, only the pilot episode has been aired. I personally enjoyed it, and found myself laughing often enough to want to see more. As of right now, I am hesitant to call it a good show, but I do believe it is good enough to be given a chance. I know I will continue to watch the upcoming episodes.
  • Mad Love: a study of when good ideas get copied .... poorly.

    Now there is nothing generally wrong with Mad Love as a concept. As a simple sitcom about trying to fall in love, it follows a simple formula that keeps shows on the air for one or two years. However, Mad Love is (hopefully) doomed do to a lack of awareness by everyone connected with the program. Either that or maybe the entire cast and crew fall asleep to reruns of How I Met Your Mother and when they wake up, they unknowingly mimic everything they saw the night before. There may be nothing new under the sun, and recycling from other shows is ubiquitous on television, but usually people wait until the show they are copying has left the airwaves. I like Jason Biggs but his character perfectly apes the mannerisms and dialogue delivery of Josh Radnor. Add to this the need to insert a redheaded female lead, and the inexplicable casting of Sarah Chalke in a role so similar to the one she left on HIMYM, and you've got a recipe for a weak knockoff. Along with the characters and the need for a voice-over (shockingly not done by Bob Saget) the settings - the rooftop meeting place, the law firm, the local bar (with the bar screen left rather than screen right)- show a group of creators who said "HIMYM is popular, maybe if we slightly modify the show we can have a hit too!!" In my mind, I'd rather watch the original.
  • Weird vibe.

    Don't like the supposed main couple (the guys seem a photocopy of Ted Mosby from HIMYM). I didn't get why the two of them got hooked (there seems not be any kind of chemistry, of spark). Pilot: I was surprised about how little I like Sarah Chalke. I Like Tyler Labine and Judy Greer, Labine is not at his full potential, but he can grow (I know, I know, I'm not objective, I just adore him). Can't say about Greer, I've never saw her in anything, but I hear she is very good . I guess if it wasn't for these two I wouldn't have gone beyond the pilot. Second episode: the main couple got a little better and I actually laugh a few times and there's room for improvement. I don't know about the two friends, the charachters are starting to feel misused, with material beneath them

    third, fourth, fifth: No news on the horizon (but I'm starting to wondering about Labine, if he's really good, he always plays the same kind of character...). In the end I cannot keep watch a show called "mad love" which "love" is so uniteresting and in which the supporting couple or true main couple (if you prefer) are so obviously gonna hook up sooner or later (and I'd actually care more about that than Mosby2 and Chalke).
  • Great actors but watching it for the first time you instantly feel that it's a rip off of HIMYM.

    When I first heard about this show, I was really excited to see what Jason Biggs and Sarah Chalke (mostly the latter) would bring to the show. Ever since the end of Scrubs and Chalk's departure from television, I've always been interested in finding out what would happen to her. It's a real shame that this is her next major starring role. Scrubs was an awesome show (and if you haven't watched it, save yourself the time of watching Mad Love and start watching scrubs! NOW!) and made all the better by Sarah Chalk and the great character she played on the TV show. Her (unfortunately) short stint on HIMYM was also a great use of her talent. This show really doesn't allow Chalke or Biggs to really come out. I remember Biggs mostly for his slapstick roles in the American Pie movies but I always thought that he could do an awesome job as a sitcom actor. This effort on his part though feels disingenuous, a little fake and too forced. He doesn't come across as genuine as Radnor's portrayal of Ted on HIMYM. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but this is more of a cheap knock off. I hope the show gets better. I haven't stopped watching hoping that things would pick up. On a positive note, Judy Greer and Tyler Labine are great foils for one another.
  • Got better when you're drunk.

    I like HIMYM, this one is too similar to it. Not that it is bad, but something is missing. You just cannot combine barney and marshall in one person. It just looks bad. The extras are wonderful. I like the redhead ex girlfriend to be. And Judy greener has amazing qualities. I really want to see her more in a leading role. Zack Galafanakis wannabe.. it is not a good thing to have on the show. Too much confidence and not enough likability factor. Pacing and timing on comedy needs training.

    In the end, I would love another hangout place then a bar, workplace and apartment. Something else, Please! I love the babies and wonder what the future would be for them in this show. I hope the show gets better and much difference then HIMYM.