Mad Love

CBS (ended 2011)





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  • Mad Love is a HIMYM clone. Mad Love is basically How I Met Your Mother without Marshall. The comedy is exactly the same, which isn't bad. This is a good show for anyone who loves HIMYM

    As I stated in this summary, Mad Love is just How I Met Your Mother if it didn't have Marshall. How the characters would have acted without Marshall. Complete with goof ball Ted knockoff, best friend who has all these formulas for nailing chicks just like Barney, a loving g/f like Lily, and a guys kind of girl like Robin... and bar similar to MacLarens. It is however successful in spite of it being a HIMYM clone. It's definitely worth watching, and it seems to be getting better each week. Jason Biggs is stereo typed in his usual "nice guy who bungles everything up" character, while Sarah Chalke plays her usual "nice girl" act. The stand out character in this show is actually Judy Greer playing "Connie". She is sassy and witty in a very cool way. Connie an edgier Robin Scherbotzky. Tyler Labine is great as Larry Munsch, despite the fact that he is a carbon copy of Barney Stinson. All in all, a good show that needs to prove it's more than just a clone of How I Met Your Mother.