Mad Love

Season 1 Episode 3

The Kate Gatsby

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 28, 2011 on CBS

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    Okay, this has to be the most unoriginal show on television right now. The way it does flashbacks, are you kidding me? This continues to be a carbon copy of How I Met Your Mother, I almost feel like I'm watching a spin off and the whole episode was just painfully predictable.

    Do not get me wrong, I really do want to like this show. But it's just hard too do when this show has so many obvious flaws. The only reason anyone watches is because this show has a likable cast, but that's all this show has to offer, well, it also offers every cliche in the book, but I digress.

    I don't know, this show has to prove itself somehow, that's the only way it can redeem itself, but at the rate things are going, I highly doubt that time will be any time soon.
  • Connie Grabowski tries to throw Kate Fest without Kate. Meanwhile, Kate's new beau Ben tries to get her the perfect gift with the help of his buddy Larry.

    Judy Greer is Connie Grabowski, and Sarah Chalke is Kate Swanson. Connie and Kate are long time friends who met when they both forgot their permission slips for a field trip to the planetarium and had to stay in class all day and read. It was Kate's birthday, and they bonded over a ding dong that served as an ad hoc birthday cake. Connie has been throwing birthday parties for Kate ever since, calling them Kate Fest, all with Kate themes, like Water Kate, with a Nixon theme. This year it is to be The Kate Gatsby, but Connie always goes overboard and becomes unbearable. Finally, Kate tells her that it stresses her out, and they fight, and Connie tries to throw Kate Fest without Kate. Tyler Labine is Larry Munsch, a Lawyer with a photographic memory, who despite his ability to recall details about people still manages to be an insensitive jerk. Jason Biggs from American Pie plays his buddy, Ben Parr, who has started dating Connie. Labine comes off like a poor man's Zach Galafinkis. The set up of this show is a lot like the film About Last Night where Rob Lowe and Jim Belushi were the pals, and Rob was going out with Demi Moore. Belushi couldn't stand Demi's gal pal, nor could she stand him.

    This show is kind of formulaic and not very good, but I kind of like it anyway because I really like Judy Greer. She was great as a guest star on Two and a Half Men and as a nutty professor on The Big Bang Theory, but so far I am not thrilled about her character, Connie Grabowski. Sarah Chalke is familiar as she guested on How I Met Your Mother as one of Ted's girlfriends who might have been the mother he was destined to meet, but ultimately was not. I have not seen Tyler Labine before, but he seems like he might be funny, but in that annoying way like Zach Galafinkis. Let's wait and see if he is more funny than annoying. He is kind of the whacky neighbor, like the Kramer of Mad Love. Jason Biggs, who is perhaps the biggest star, from his American Pie movies, is the blandest cast member. We'll see how this show goes. I am pulling for it, though, even though that is really above and beyond the call of Judy.