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It's New York in the 1960s, and the men and women who work at the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency are some of the top names in the industry. Master manipulator and leading ad man Don Draper is at the top of his game, but there are those who want to see him topple down. Can he maintain his formidable status? Writer and executive producer Matthew Weiner of The Sopranos fame is the man behind this 13-episode original series on AMC.


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    • Its a good show!

      I asked my friend that is a girl if she was upset with Don Draper for cheating so much, because I was.

      She said that she relates to Don more then any character and that he needed to. I loved it. Watched every episode. I for sure recommend it!
    • Ivanski

      why doesn't someone teach BettyDraper to act. Her timing was consistently off, as if she were having to look up to the Teleprompter before she delivered her fake lines she's a terrible actress
    • The best show ever

      Everything about this show was great. The only slight negative was Weiner insisting on inserting his creepy son in the show yet again. Up until the end, I thought we were being set up for a Don Draper suicide - remember he wrote his ex a $1M check, sold his apt, walked out on his job, gave away his beloved Cadillac, and let himself go. Psych! I like that Pete and Trudie got back together and that Peggy found something more important in life than - love. They kept the feminist agenda alive by having Joan reject a marriage to a handsome multimillionaire so she can keep her precious independence.

      I don't think this is the end. Like 24 Live Another Day, I bet we see a followup Mad Men season in a few years taking place in 1980.moreless
    • Don's marriage ruined the show

      Mad Men was great for 4 seasons, then he in-explicably marries his secretary on a never related, he treated her like garbage, now matter how much she tried to please him, Instead of being Don at work at Don with the women, he went crazy, took it all out on his wife (15 years his junior), didnt want her to have a career,. So seasons 5,6 were a waste. Finally they split just in time for a better season 7. It could have been really interesting if Don stayed involved with the smart, cute PhD pyschologist.moreless
    • Bert was great summing up what can only be described as the morality play of Mad Men

      As a 56 year old man who grew up with "How to Succeed in Business without really Trying" The song and dance number showed off the utterly charming gleam in Robert Morse eyes, totally evoking his irascible J Pierpont Finch character. And it was a a keystone moment in what is now the morality tale of "Mad Men",. the best things in life are free, Don, mentoring Peggy, the loyalty of Cooper, the friendship of Sterling and Don, the sense of the meaning of work that Don has learned, great great ending !!!!moreless

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