Mad Men

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 16, 2007 on AMC

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  • 1x05 "5G"

    Don Drapper is probably the most complex character in television. He lives two lifes and in neither of them is happy. Peggy finding out that Don is not the nice man she thinks he is was a interesting development. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  • Don sees a face from his past

    Who is in the world is Don Draper? That's a question asked to Don by his brother (yes, Don has a brother)late in the episode and it's a plot point that complicates Season 1 even more. The way the show is able to jump from person to person without sacrificing any character development or making us care less for one character is superb, and it was Don's turn again for the treatment. Don gets an award and a man named Adam Whitman sees his face in the paper. We learn that Don Draper wasn't always Don Draper.. he was Dick Whitman once upon a time, and his brother Adam has come to visit to see why he faked his death and disappeared after the war.

    It's a great storyline for Jon Hamm to run with, and I'm glad the writers decided to do this because Don Draper was such a mysterious guy that I was starting to think he had no past at all. But at least now we know that Don seems to have a problem with his past, something that's preventing him from facing it.

    The rest of the plot was dedicated to much more minor things, some of which seem pointless but reveal themselves to show us larger truths and some of which seem less important but will likely come back to bite the characters in the butt. For instance, Peggy learns that Don is cheating on his wife with Midge and accidentally slips the information to Joan. Joan said she wouldn't tell, but one should always assume that something that important will come back up.

    There's some minor plot that seemed pointless about Ken getting a story published in the Atlantic Monthly and Pete being jealous. Pete's jealousy makes him force his wife to see her ex-lover just to get his own story published. I suppose the story plot was pointless, but it shows us how Pete's ambitions sometimes get in the way of his own marriage.

    A great episode overall (and I have to give props to the writers for coming up with a duel meaning for "5G." Pretty creative stuff.)
  • The mystery surrounding Don Draper continues to unfold.

    This episode was not as great as some of the others, but it still had some great moments. I liked the interaction between Peggy and Betty but found it disappointing that Peggy had to pretend that Don's lateness was due to her faulty memory. The Joan/Peggy friendship is intriguing, especially in the sense of Joan as a mentor for Peggy who seems to lead her into a less naive view of her workplace and the world. The storyline of Don's brother Adam was interesting, but it will be more engaging as more of Don's past is illluminated. The rivalry with Ken's story getting published in the Atlantic was not the best subplot of this episode, but it was horrible for Pete to put his wife into the bad position with Charlie for his own gains. I would have liked to see more of the atmosphere at Don's home in this episode especially after the way the show left off with the Helen Bishop story last week.
  • Don Draper: Manof Mystery

    We continue to see a little more of Don Draper and his past. He has a brother...a brother and a family which he wishes to have nothing to do with. Add that to the constant infidelities and we have an interesting fellow.

    In addition we see some rivalry with Ken getting published in the Atlantic Monthly. Pete meanwhile wants to keep up with the Jones' (Ken actually) and uses his wife to get published via an ex boyfriend. Unfotunatly it's Boy's Life not the Atlantic Monthly. Notice how Pete keeps falling short with things.

    Peggy continues to learn the ropes of being a good secretary. One that can keep a secret.

    It's still early in the show that we need to see many characters developed before major plot points are approached. It's moving along well.
  • The past brings me further into the story. Best episode so far.

    Were put into darker territory when another somebody from Draper's past emerges. (yes another, the guy on the train a short bit back) The story becomes the A plot and it's so far the most interesting one. So far in the Mad Men season were introduced to the world of that time, the characters of this show, other relationships occurring at the same time with Pete and Don, two married men. The plot is not just a brief exchange of words leaving us wondering, confused instead it lasts and it's good. Another great reason to take a look into this show is how lesser violent the show is. If a man emerges from the past and haunts somebody, they'll point a gun, possibly kill the person, or there will be a violent attack, more aggressive. In Mad Men Don pays Adam a lot of money to leave New York and to never return. It's a perfect scene where after pondering about the money Adam would take it and there's an emotional scene between the two as they hug for the last time, or is it?

    Two other great stories make this the best episode so far. Patty picks up the phone only to realize don is speaking to another woman, the conversation leaves her disturbed and it is. Pete's married life begins with a problem, that being his stories are going to be published for a boys magazine, deeply embarrassed he becomes but also his wife, she having to confront somebody who still loves her.

    A hole of troubles is getting bigger and a wonderful way to end the first disc of three in season 1.
  • Don's past catches up with him but he isn't thrilled about it. Peggy overhears a very revealing conversation.

    I finally got to see this episode. I couldn't wait to see it and I guess that's why it didn't quite meet my expectations.

    The whole story about Don and his brother was kind of a let-down, I agree. Although I did enjoy the twist about the money, I was expecting Don to pull out a gun even if it was out of character.

    Pete is back to being a complete idiot but at least his storyline never disappoints. I hope we'll see more of his wife, she seems more interesting than I thought at first.

    I like the fact that Joan knows about Don and Midge. That should give her some leverage, not that she needs any right now.

    Anyway, this episode was just okay. I hope next week's will be better.