Mad Men

Season 5 Episode 1

A Little Kiss

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on AMC

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  • Fashion Sense

    The other reason why I watched 'Mad Men' this past Sunday is the costumes they wore. It's 1966 and people are dressing with the times.Women with miniskirts and stylish hair. Men wearing mod shirts,and Don Draper is wearing his blue shirt with a striped blue tie. The fashion was interesting,and it was little time when the hippie clothes came into style. But,I wanted to see more men with longer hair. The Beatles,The Rolling Stones,and The Monkees had hairstyles.Don't get it twisted,I like women. I've seen a couple of men with longer hair,but I'm looking foward to see more like the Afro's.
  • A Little Kiss

    Mad Men returned after a lengthy 17 months off the air. We had some quotable lines from Roger, an awkward yet pleasing scene with Megan, in distress, cleaning the home in her bra and panties, and we finally saw my favorite character, Pete, get a real storyline and some time on camera. There were some highlights to pick from tonight's return, but a lot of the two hours was throwaway. The Joan scenes were brutal to watch, the party was more lame than anything else and it was back to being boring for the most part.

    I did not think it was bad, but the show needs to improve.
  • Mad Men lost the Plot

    I was really looking forward to the return of this show. Mad Men had provided a window into life in the 60s through the eyes of those working in advertising. Interesting characters and plots that used the it's time frame deftly. In series five we see the same characters but where's the plot? Nothing really seems to happen in the first ninety minutes. Nothing apart from a surprise party. Yawn! I hope this show gets back in the groove and begins delivering decent story lines again rather than just showcasing the fashions of the period.
  • And now the long-awaited episode

    I'm feeling quite inarticulate right now, so this is mainly a (poorly written) list of noted nuances and opinions.

    What immediately hit me when watching "A Little Kiss" was the dramatic change in fashion from last season--especially the attire seen at Megan's party. We clearly are now approaching a new era.

    I didn't like the way Megan was portrayed in this episode. But maybe, like Don, we are starting to see the real Megan. While she seemed so mature and understanding last season, now she is acting like a typical pouty, sexual 20something. I found it funny that Megan knew so little of Don that she had to go through his address book to create the guest list for his party. Furthermore, Peggy looked over the list to tweak it and tell Megan who was who. Obviously Peggy knows Don a lot better than his own wife. Whether for better or worse (I haven't decided yet) Megan will be a fixture in the series for awhile since Jessica Pare's name is in the opening credits. Megan really was quickly thrust at us just as she was at Don, so I still feel a little wary of her.

    I adored the scene with Joan stopping by the office with her baby. That baby was the representation of so many of the characters' personal and interpersonal conflicts and drama. 1) Peggy is clearly uncomfortable with the baby, which reminds me of her own little "accident", which was further alluded to when Megan quips about "better than leaving it on the church steps." 2) The shot of Peggy, Pete, and the baby was priceless. Ha, alliteration. 3) Roger walks in exclaiming, "There's my baby." He was referring to Joan, but, yep, that baby boy in the bassinet is his baby. 4) Megan's cooing over the baby while Don looks on uneasily may signify how their relationship will continue to be gradually strained.

    I hate to say this, but I actually missed Betty. I'm no fan of January Jones, but the episode was incomplete without our spoiled, whiny trophy wife.