Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 8

A Night to Remember

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 14, 2008 on AMC

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  • A good Season 2 episode of Mad Men?

    Suprisingly this episode broke the norm and temporarily lifted Mad Men out of its sophomore slump. The episode was well-written and set up some interesting possibilities for future installments. The storyline with Harry Crane as the television head is actually bringing some excitement to his character. I could do without the Peggy side storyline but for some reason both fans and writers alike enjoy her.

    January Jones did a decent job in her first really big episode, although she's no Vincent Kartheiser. Unfortunately Pete Campbell continues to be treated as a minor character and not receive the screen time he deserves.

    The episode featured some fine comedy to lighten the mood and allow the viewer to not take the show too seriously. At the same time the emotions were running high and it was easy to get sucked into this broadcast. With Season 2 already half over the clock was ticking on Mad Men to deliver if they wanted to rack up the same number of Emmy nominations as last year. This episode was a step in the right direction.
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