Mad Men

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 23, 2007 on AMC

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  • Joan and a co-worker are sleeping with each other while Don tries to connect more with Rachel Menken

    For me, this episode was one of those that sort of just sit in the middle and do nothing but slowly advance storylines. Sure, it was well-written (Mad Men has a great way of throwing in little bits and pieces of dialogue that illuminate characters in ways that entire episodes of other shows cannot) but it didn't seem to move at the same pace the last few episodes have. For some reason, I didn't exactly feel as enamored with Don's obsession with Rachel or Midge as I usually do. It felt pigeonholed in. Also, I'm not sure how I feel about these episode-to-episode advertising plots. Besides Rachel Menkin, how important is any of this other stuff?

    I do like the idea of Peggy moving her way up through Sterling-Cooper. She always did seem different than the rest of the secretaries and women in the show and it'll be interesting to see how she progresses throughout the show. It's also interesting to see Joan being involved with Roger. Roger seems to be somewhat obsessed with her while Joan clearly isn't getting what she wants out of the relationship. Once again, this seems like a story that will have plenty of time to unfold.

    The only thing I'm worried about is that there's too many stories floating around. There's a lot of stuff going around that could easily get tangled up.. just look at Big Love for what happens when a show runs out of control. And while I can see the merit in this show, I'm still not convinced it's the best show out there. But still, it's great television and is worth following.
  • Joan is sleeping with someone she works with. Don has a childhood flashback. The girls of the office get to try on some lipsticks and the boys have to promote Israel's tourism.

    Sometimes it's good to be the boss... or John Slattery. Yeah, I like Joan a lot, guilty as charged.

    Anyway, I'm not sure yet how I feel about Don's flashback scene. I don't really see where this storyline is going. It's a little confusing although quite intriguing too.

    The two-way mirror scene was just brilliant. Put them in front of a bunch of young women and those grown up men will turn back into teenage boys in less time than it takes Roger to cheat on his wife. By the way, I should have guessed than he and Joan were sleeping together, it makes a lot of sense.

    The poetry reading was also quite enjoyable. Don didn't fit in at all and I couldn't help but laugh at the girl's weird story about Castro.

    Don still wants to get in Rachel's pants but we already knew that. They had an interesting talk but asking her to dinner under that kind false pretenses probably wasn't the right way to go. Yet it did seem to remind Rachel of how much she likes Don. Even if she does, I don't think that he really wants a serious relationship. I still can't figure out who Don truly loves, or rather if he does truly love one of his women.

    I really enjoyed this episode, a lot more than the previous one.
  • Basket of kisses

    This episode was a fine study of some of the machinations of the advertising industry.

    The girls in the office get to try out one of the client's melange of lipsticks. It's a type of focus group. Not only do the ad boys get an idea of what women like in a lipstick, they also get some ideas for tag lines for copy. Don's secretary comes up with a clever line about a basket of kisses (describing the tissues used to wipe lips clean).

    She's thought of as clever and is given, in addition to her regular work, the task of coming up with some copy. Kudos to her although someone else is sure to get the praise. We also see Don's boss with his affair with the lead secretary and Don wanting Rachael. Phew, this show is progressing quite nicely.