Mad Men

Season 5 Episode 10

Christmas Waltz

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 20, 2012 on AMC

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  • Joan attacks a receptionist and Paul is a Hare Krishna!!!

    Finally after the longest time we finally get a story that revolves around Joan. So there are three main stories in this episode. The first has to do with Joan getting divorce papers from Greg, the second would be Lane embezzling money from the company and lastly Paul returns and goes to Harry for advice/help with his life. This episode takes place sometime in December just before Christmas. Plus Pete gets news that there is a chance that they can get Jaguar cars as one of their clients. (so this review will have spoilers so if you don't want to read them skip to the last paragraph)

    So Lane is back and apparently owes the English Government a lot of money(8000 pounds). From taxes? Idk it really wasn't explained to clearly. And since it is Christmas time and that there is 50000$ surplus in the agency he decides to tell the partners that they will be able to give out Christmas bonuses and he tries to give them out asap instead of waiting till the Christmas party. However some financial issues pop up and the partners decide that they won't take bonuses but the rest of the staff will. Needing the money Lane ends up forging signatures in order to take it. These scenes were somewhat interesting but I don't think anything really exciting will happen until he gets caught.

    By far my favorite story line has to do with Joan. We haven't seen her character for a while now so it was good to see a story about her. Anyways Joan finds out that Greg has decided to DIVORCE HER!! And Joan's reaction to this is the best, she ends up (verbally) attacking the front receptionist for allowing this to happen and ends up throwing the model airplane in the lobby at this woman (who by the way seems like the total ditz). Don seeing this and realising that something bad is going on decides to take her out to make her feel better. First they go to a Jaguar dealership in order to check out one of the cars. While there they pose as a married couple and I really enjoyed that scene they just seem so natural together. He then takes her to the bar to try to get all this bad news off of her mind. This scene really reminded me of the one between Peggy and Don last season in the episode The Suitcase (infact i think Don took Joan to the same bar). While there he pretty much tells her that she shouldn't see this as bad news but instead see it as a new beginning because she could easily find someone better than Greg. However she doesn't know how that's possible due to the fact now that she has a baby. I think it would be bast for Joan to leave her relationship with Greg it really hasnt been that great, he has been quite abusive to her (at least from what weve seen of him). They also discuss why they never really gotten together and why Don never pursued her (it's a good answer). These scenes with Don and Joan together probably have been my favorite scenes so far this season. And after watching these scenes between the two of them you can see that they have a real friendship that isn't based on sex (which is good) and that these characters truly do care about each other's welfare. Don was the best person that she could go see to talk about her problems. (I also found that after watching these scenes that I like them together better than Don/Megan).

    So Paul returns and is now a Hare Krishna! Yeah it really seems like he's hit rock bottom since we last saw him at the end of season three. He shaved off his hair and beard and didn't have a pipe in his hand the whole time, it was so weird. Anyways he's apparently only joined because he fell in love with an ex-prostitute who is a member however she isn't totally interested in him. So Paul's plan to get her was to write an episode of Star Trek and get Harry to send over to people to see if they like it. So yeah it was pretty interesting to watch. I however think that after seeing this episode I have lost some respect for Paul and Harry is both a good and bad friend when dealing with Paul's problem.

    As for Roger we don't really see him. He just kind of appears in a Hawaiian Tshirt and getting drunk b/c it's the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. This was pretty funny. And there is also a little running joke over the fact that no one really cares about Pete's news about Jaguar. (That is until Don shows interest)

    All in all this was a very entertaining episode. It's defiantly worth a watch if you are a fan of Joan or if you miss Paul. I found her and Don's story to be the best followed by what happens b/w Harry and Paul. Just seeing Paul in the Hare Krishna outfit with Harry chanting is good. As for the Lane storyline it was ok. Kind of dull but its def. building up to something that will happen in future episodes. Also if they didn't mention Christmas Bonuses or if you didn't see the red dcor you wouldn't think this episode was set during Christmas. But now I just want to see next week's episode mainly based on the episode title :P