Mad Men

Season 5 Episode 10

Christmas Waltz

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 20, 2012 on AMC



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    • Joan: Who do you think he is? Advertising? Insurance? Lawyer? And who do you think's waiting at home? I bet she's not ugly. The only sin she's committed is being familiar.
      Don: So you think it's all him?
      Joan: Because she can't give him what he wants?
      Don: Because, he doesn't know what he wants. But he's wanting.
      Joan: He knows. It's just the way he is. And maybe it's just the way she is.

    • Don: You know what this woman said to me once? I like being bad, and going home and being good.
      Joan: I bet that stuck to your ribs.
      Don: It was a disaster.
      Joan: And you enjoyed every minute.

    • Don: Last year at this time, whether you knew it or not, survival of this company was on the line. And I look at the faces in this room who have given their all to this tenuous recovery, and I say, prepare to take a great leap forward. Prepare to swim the English channel and then drown in champagne. There are six weekends between now and the pitch. We're going to spend them all here. We will celebrate Christmas here. We will ring in the New Year together. And in the end we will represent Jaguar and it will be worth it. Every agency on Madison Avenue is defined by the moment they got their car. When we land Jaguar, the world will know we've arrived.

  • Notes

    • Although credited, January Jones (Betty Francis), Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper) & Christopher Stanley (Henry Francis) do not appear in this episode.

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