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Mad Men is requesting that you return your tray tables and seatbacks to their upright and locked positions because the first half of the show's seventh and final season is preparing for take-off, with departure scheduled for Sunday, April 13 (the second half will air in 2015). Last week, AMC released the first traditionally frustrating and vague teaser of the season, a short clip that featured Jon Hamm's Don Draper descending the stairs of a TWA airplane. And today, the network released a handful of promotional images in the same vein.

To be clear, these are not episode stills, so don't spend too many hours searching for clues to plots that aren't there. However, feel free to infer whatever you want about what these shots might say about what's ahead. After all, that's what I'm going to do!

All three of the new images depict airports and airplanes, which could mean that this first batch of episodes will focus on characters in transition. Airports are transitory places, what with people always coming and going, and given that Season 6 ended with Don having a breakdown, taking a forced leave from the office, and dragging his children to see the whorehouse where he grew up, I'd say we're definitely looking at a new chapter of his life. So let's speculate about what it might involve, shall we?

Oh look, there's Don and Megan. See how she's clinging to him and he looks like he couldn't care less? Their body language seems perfectly in line with what we knew or suspected after the Season 6 finale: Don and Megan are headed for divorce. Perhaps Don is ready and Megan's refusing to let go, even though her actions last season kind of contradict that idea. Either way, I won't fault her if it turns out she wants to fight for him, because Don Draper looks like Jon Hamm; who wouldn't want to fight for that? 

Beyond Don and Megan, all the luggage in the scene obviously symbolizes Don's emotional baggage, which he takes with him wherever he goes. Don is basically the poster boy for baggage.

Now we're talking! The second image features the other most important woman in Don's life: Peggy Olson (sorry, Sally). She and Don are facing opposite directions, which could symbolize that they're still on the outs; that certainly fits with what we already know. Don is looking down at his paper, while Peggy is taking a break from her work and looking out and up, which could suggest that she's officially leaving her former mentor in the past and heading toward a bright, shiny future. 

Out of the airport, into the airplane! In the final shot, Don and Roger are on a plane and Roger is very obviously living his best life. Nice pants, Roger! The guys' legs being crossed toward one another could mean that they'll have each other's backs this season. It could also mean that they both have to pee. Who knows?!

Anyway, on that note, let's wrap this up with a look at the groovy new poster for Season 7!

What do you think, guys? Are you ready for Season 7?

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