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AMC (ended 2015)

This is a divisive person, struggling between present and past self.

Always felt titles fall picture portends.
Run out of ideas early clues.
Then he began to ask: What is the feeling of death?
He said, never want this again.
But he knew it was a curse,
They are alive, that is, with the desire to wrestle.
Like the women here changing hairstyles, suggesting self-transformation.
Long hair is given to women in this society ICON, Blonde is a traditional beauty PRONOUN.
Peggy get rid of too,
This is Betty.
Betty in the car like a watershed episode of vomiting, a virtuous Shukutoku housewife becomes independent and incisive.
But this time, he vomited.
Let a little unexpected twist.

Does this man being hurtled the endless abyss ?

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