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In the last two seasons they've really pushed for Pete's physical appearance to mirror his fairly rotten personality, sort of like the Picture of Dorian Grey without the picture. While I can appreciate the symbolism (and symbolism's what Mad Men's all about) it does make me sad, he was beautiful and now I don't know what he is. Vincent has really committed himself to the role, purposely gaining weight and having his hair shaved back to fake a receding hairline. And that's what I really wanted to mention, the hair. I should find picture(s) to post about it but I'm still intimidated by this site's copyright warnings. Luckily I found a site that with a slideshow on this to save me the trouble.

So the hair. Looking at it in Season 6 it has consistently looked fake and distracting to me. I've tried to figure out what annoys me the most and I think the problem is the hair's receding without getting thinner on top. There should be decrease in volume and length relative to the hairline receding, they've done only half the job.

Anyway I might be clutching at straws but there were tiny moments towards the end of Season 6 hinting that Pete might become a better person in Season 7 so if we're lucky his physical appearance might also improve (maybe his weight?).

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Jul 22, 2013
I think he did lose some weight because I've noticed a significant difference between how he looked in season 5 and how he looked in season 6. His suits fit him differently and he seems to have a more defined jawline. I also don't think that his appearance has anything to do with his personality because he was much, much worse at the start of the series than he is now. I think that his unattractive appearance has more to do with how people aged much faster back then because they didn't really take care of themselves because Don has also looked pretty wrecked in season 6.
Jul 07, 2013
I'd love to see Pete redeemed in some small way, though at the current pace Bob Benson is only going to hurt his hair line... by the time we're back Pete might be Roger Sterling grey.

Jul 01, 2013
I too have found hishairline to be a bit distracting and yeah I agree its the fact that the hair has recieded about an inch but hadnt thinned out (that or there is no balding spot on the top of his head). Maybe its all stressed related and once he calms down and "becomes a better person" he will lose the weight and his hair will reappear. Cuz man did Pete look so much better at the start of the series than he does now
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