Mad Men

Season 7 Episode 3

Field Trip

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 27, 2014 on AMC

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  • Best episode yet

    Easily the best episode yet this season. Boy, did the firm screw Don in the end. He went from scoring big time if he's fired, because he's a partner... to being offered his "job" back in a way that will make it next to impossible for him to stay... hoping he'll quit- which is what they want. If he didn't accept it then he'd be quitting and he'd be out of a ton of $. Gotta love business.

    This sets it up to be very interesting. Lou as a boss? What a jerk. Don could run circles around him talent-wise too. Don just accepted the job without seeming to give it a second thought. I wonder if he has a way to handle their approach. Four episodes left...